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FREE IT MOT – Avoid unexpected IT breakdowns

Ensuring you optimise your IT performance with a FREE IT AUDIT for those in the Bristol and surrounding area.

You MOT your car annually, ensuring safety, and service it throughout the year; The garage take a good look under the bonnet, check your tyres and your brakes, top up your oil and change your filters etc. What about your IT system? It needs an MOT as well, to ensure maximum safety/security/performance and an annual service to reduce the risk of breaking down unexpectedly, causing you to lose valuable time and business! 

Simply put, your computer or laptop needs regular maintenance to keep it in tip top condition - Try our FREE IT MOT, call 01172001000

Computer maintenance in bristol

Why not take the same approach with your computer systems, have an IT AUDIT

IT systems should be based around what you need them to do, for you and your work team/s. A FREE  IT MOTallows EC Computers to get to know you better, but also it gives us a chance to look at your IT infrastructure and we can discuss what future plans you have, so we can evaluate and develop resource  that best suits your working needs; future proofing you and your business. This can be IT hardware, mobile devices for mobile workers in and around the place of work and off-the-shelf or bespoke software.

We can evaluate your IT infrastructure, computer systems, cyber security and resources and create a step by step plan for your attention showing areas of concern and any advised new implementation, if required. So you do not have to do everything all in one go!

FREE IT MOT provides you with a EC Team member FREE for 2 hours who will conduct a complete review of your IT infrastructure including hardware like your PCs, laptops and printers and software, including things like anti-virus to make sure that your IT systems are fine-tuned for the year ahead.

So if you are in the Bristol, Avon, Gloucestershire, Somerset or Wiltshire area contact EC Computers. There is no catch as you will not be obliged to use EC Computers by the end of your FREE IT MOT.

Need breakdown cover? Our expert team can provide support for your IT systems around the clock – call 0117 200 1000 today

EC Computers for IT MOT’s/ Health Checks/ Audits/ Reviews/ Testing