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The need for information and quickly, means that more than ever, businesses need their teams to access their office systems and vital information while they are out of the office.

A connectivity solution from EC Computers can not only provide your office with fast and reliable internet, your team can be enabled with remote and mobile working, ISP's that we work with include:

Leased Line ISP Providers

Our connectivity team are experienced in providing secure Internet access and virtual private networking (VPN). We also have expert knowledge of voice-over-IP (VoIP) setups with a range of different carriers and can advise and plan your next services so that the EC Connectivity Solution best fits your business needs.

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Our mission is to be the South West's market leader for the provision of Connectivity and Mobile solutions to our valued clients. We aim to offer first class customer service, outstanding customer support and significant cost savings that will contribute to the positive growth and profitability of our customers.

We see ourselves as an integrated managed service provider with our holistic service being available with as much or as little support as you require. Our focus is on delivering exceptional account management and ensuring you have faultless and efficient connectivity.

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Broadband -  In general usage, the term ‘broadband’ refers to a type of fast Internet connection. It’s now available to 93% of premises, having its place for small branch offices and home workers. All broadband works over a copper line sometimes referred to PSTN (public switched telephone network). ADSL2+ provides the best bandwidth for money in the areas it is available. With download speeds of up to 24MB/s and upload speeds of 1.3MB/s it offers significant performance increases over traditional ADSL. This service is the most common form of connectivity where premises are not yet enabled for fibre broadband and is known as the essential office broadband. ADSL2+ is perfect solution for a cost effective small business Internet connection. It is also a great fit for those who wish to have a backup circuit leading to enhanced uptime and availability

Superfast Broadband comes in several forms and can create confusion. It is delivered by replacing the largest percentage of a circuit with fibre, reducing the losses over distance that can occur with copper. This is known as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC). It can be misleadingly sold as fibre, with customers believing they have an end to end fibre connection. It is still a contended service and does suffer as more users subscribe to it. This also requires a traditional copper line to be installed at the premise if not already available. Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) Fibre to the cabinet circuits offer speeds of up to 80Mb/s downstream and up to 20Mb/s upstream. Offering the best value for money where available, some rural locations have limited availability for this service. Fibre to the Cabinet involves running fibre optic cables from the telephone exchange or distribution point to the street cabinets which then connect to a standard copper line to provide broadband. The combination of this with a copper cable from the cabinet to the premises means it uses the standard copper line more efficiently so that you get greater speeds for upload and download.

Ethernet circuits are high end, business grade circuits that come with guarantees. Guaranteed speed and guaranteed uptime. Unlike broadband equivalents, they have an upload speed equal to their download speeds and are uncontended – which means the bandwidth is completely dedicated to your business. Circuit speed can be delivered from 10Mbs to 1Gbs and above. Ethernet is typically delivered over fibre, which is far more resilient than traditional copper. The circuit’s characteristics make them ideal for businesses heavily dependent on internet, branch connectivity or hosted (cloud) services. Ethernet circuits can carry both voice and data services, so legacy ISDN and broadband circuits can be displaced with their introduction. This often saves more than the cost of Ethernet introduction, making the exercise a cash positive investment.


EC Computers offers a diverse range of Broadband and Ethernet products to suit organisations of every size, from sole trader, through to SME and enterprise. As an independent solution provider we are able to select and taylor our services to provide the best service and support to our business customers and ensure that our data services portfolio is free from heavy consumer traffic, which means you’ll get great connectivity speeds, whatever the time of day, allowing you to focus on growing your business. - Give us a call...