Virus & Malware removal and computer clean

Virus Removal Bristol: Malware and Spyware

EC Computers has specialist experts trained to provide our comprehensive Virus removal Bristol service, also covering Gloucester, Bath and the surrounding areas. Prevention is always better than cure, so if you would like advice on how to protect your IT equipment please contact us and we will help you in whichever way possible.

Do You Have a Virus?

Is your computer acting strange? It may have a virus. This is frustrating to say the least and can be hazardous to the health of your computer. Indeed, today’s malicious software can even steal your identity, obtain your credit card numbers and wreck your hard earned credit rating; see how Phishing works in the video below. EC Computers’ Bristol Virus Removal Service can get rid of that pesky virus that takes over your computer. Viruses are everywhere these days and we will use our cutting-edge anti-virus technology to get your computer virus-free. Call us as soon as possible to ensure we can remove the virus before it wreaks havoc to your computer.

Need a Tune-Up?

Virus Removal Bristol

Is it taking longer for your computer to start up or shut down? Do you have to restart your computer because it keeps freezing up? Are you receiving error messages? Does your computer act sluggish or seem to run very slowly? Are your programs not responding or crashing? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you almost certainly need a computer tune-up. By keeping your computer in tip-top condition you make complete system crashes less like and avoid the need for our Data Recovery service. Over time, your computer progressively slows down and becomes less effective and unreliable. Because the slow down occurs gradually, you may not notice the loss of performance. For optimal performance, your computer needs a tune-up on a regular basis. Bring your machine down to EC Computers in Almondsbury and we’ll tune-up your computer and carry out a security check. We believe in providing impartial support and therefore we partner with several security companies to ensure we are offering you very the best unbiased solution.