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Domestic power solutions are vital for the smooth operating of Small Office / Home Office (SoHo) IT, comms and media systems.

Whether you have one or more desktop PCs, a file server, hub, internet router and selection of printers for home photography and general business paperwork, you will benefit from a Riello UPS. Home entertainment, games consoles and satellite systems are another product group that can be protected by a suitable uninterruptible power supply, especially if it has built-in surge protection for both the mains and telecoms (broadband) connections. More than ever your remote workers are going to rely on their domestic power, so let’s make sure that they stay online and fully operational.

An uninterruptible power supply acts as a surge protector, as well as the UPS having the added benefit of storing enough power to allow you to shut down your machine safely should you experience a power cut. We're all aware of the dangers facing expensive components if they're exposed to too much (or too little) power – something that working from home now, especially if you have the TV on, games console for the kids and radios, has more potential of occurring.

Manufactured from the latest advanced components, our Riello UPS systems for small offices and homes combine outstanding performance with exceptional energy efficiency, meaning they’re good for the environment and good for your wallet too. All Riello home UPS up to and including 3 kVA come with an extended 5-year warranty as standard, giving you additional peace of mind.

Riello UPS Power for remote workers

We have immediate availability of Riello UPS that we feel will help your remote workers be worry free when it comes to their home power, all at a price that is affordable to protect remote workers.

Riello UPS - iPlug series

The iPlug series is the ideal solution for protecting household and small office systems. Its compact size and versatility (push-button operation, LED status panel and user replaceable batteries), make iPlug easy to install within a domestic environment to protect systems from surges and blackouts

Plug (IPG) is your perfect home UPS system to back up office equipment like PCs, printers and monitors, along with entertainment devices such as TVs and games consoles. Lightweight, compact design suitable for desktop or floor standing use.

User-friendly features include simple plug and play installation plus hot-swappable batteries. Protect up to 8 devices with 6 x standard 13A plug sockets plus 2 x IEC sockets. Choice of 600 VA or 800 VA models.

Riello UPS - iDiaglog series

The iDialog range is the ideal solution for protecting PCs and peripherals in the home and office. iDialog is easy to install and economic to run.

For protecting:

Riello UPS software for uninterruptible power supplies

The complete range of Riello UPS software for uninterruptible power supplies, including network communication cards, environmental sensors, remote monitoring devices, and UPS management software.

These user-friendly and intuitive devices easily enable your UPS systems to connect and communicate across IT networks in a safe, secure, and reliable fashion.

UPS management software such as Powershield3 and PowerNetGuard make it easy for network administrators to receive real-time operational information, such as the input voltage or applied load, or to schedule shutdown procedures in the event of a power outage.

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