You simply get a SIM card (so it's 'SIM only'), along with an agreed amount of monthly minutes, texts and data.

SIM-only business mobile service

ECNET-Mobile ECNET-Mobile is a cost effective and flexible SIM-only business mobile service, which can easily be managed via our online management portal..  

With our ECNET-Mobile SIM only deal you will see that it works in almost the same way as a normal mobile phone contract, only exception is that the phone isn't included... simple!. 

All you receive from ECNET-Mobile is a SIM card (so it's 'SIM only'), along with an agreed amount of monthly minutes, texts and data.

Features and potential benefits 


Retain your existing handsets or upgrade to new handsets without being tied to an airtime contract. Many of our SIM packages are available on 30 day terms.  

Range of cost-effective tariffs

Choose from voice, voice and data and data-only tariffs, UK, European and Global packages. 

Fixed IP SIMs 

Our 4G fixed IP SIM cards give you a connection to the mobile Internet with a public IP address. You can connect to your 4G device from anywhere in the world and use port forwarding to connect devices to your router. Our Fixed IP Failover SIMs are available on either Vodafone or EE networks on 12-month contracts. They are designed to be used as a backup for when primary services fail. Users pay a small monthly fee for the service and only pay for additional usage in the months in which they use it. The bolt-on selected is automatically triggered when the initial data allowance is exceeded. SIMs will bar when total monthly allowance is reached, however SIMs can be unbarred and a higher bolt-on added. Please note that there can be a delay of up to 24hours on SIM bars so please choose your initial bolt-on carefully. 

Multi-network EU Roaming SIMs

Our multi-network EU roaming SIMs are designed for applications where it is critical to have an internet connection available 24/7, even in situations where one or more mobile networks become unavailable. These SIM cards have no preferred network, therefore always connect to the strongest 4G signal whether at home or abroad. They offer exceptional reliability and coverage and are now easy to manage and inexpensive to buy. 

Choice of mobile networks 

Our range of UK voice and data SIMs are available on either Vodafone or O2 networks. Our UK data-only SIMs are available on Vodafone, O2 or EE networks. Our Fixed IP SIMs are available on Vodafone and EE networks. ECNET-Mobile supports 4G as standard as well as 3G. Online management portal Manage activations, ceases, suspensions, reports, alerts and bolt-ons for SIMs from different mobile networks in real-time.

Multi-Network Service 

We can provide a multi-network service to ensure best signal quality at your location.

4G mobile network operators

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