Microsoft Office 365 includes OneDrive data storage, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams.

The Microsoft Office 365 suite from EC Computers contains the commonly used and easily recognised applications in daily use by people in Bristol and the South West, such as Word and Excel.

Microsoft Office 365 allows you to focus on your purpose rather than your process. 

To be successful, you and your employees need to be able to collaborate quickly and efficiently and not have to worry about if they’re connected to their co-workers. Microsoft Office 365 enables your team to easily collaborate with one another, simplifying their internal communication processes. No matter your industry, every business, institution, and organisation has the ability to seamlessly collaborate with Office 365. For any organisation that wants to achieve something that matters, these messages are important for you to hear and understand

Office 365

According to Microsoft, there are over 1.2 billion users that use one or more Office product or service, and over 60 million monthly active Office 365 commercial customers. With their user base and a track record of providing top quality applications for business, it’s no surprise that businesses continue to rely on Microsoft’s suite of products. A typical subscription would include access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and Access.

 An Introduction to Office 365 

Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription service that makes the full range of applications in the Microsoft Office suite available through “cloud computing.” Installation of the software is free, but activation is only available via a subscription service. An outright purchase option is available for the Home & Student package. Microsoft has five different subscription levels which offer a range of application bundles and ancillary services including OneDrive data storage, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams. A typical subscription would include access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. 

What are the Office 365 versions and costs?

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3 Key Benefits of Office 365 

Using Microsoft Office 365 has a number of benefits including the ability to switch between products, top security, and easy collaboration options. 

Ability to Switch Easily Between Devices 

Microsoft Office 365 offers benefits for users switching between devices on a regular basis. If you have a notebook computer, a tablet and a mobile phone, you can use the Office 365 applications across all three devices by saving files to the “cloud” based data storage through the OneDrive application. This means, for example, that if you use Outlook for your emails, you will be able to access your mail on any of the three devices which are permanently synchronised. 

If you are a regular traveller, you may not want to carry a heavy and bulky notebook computer with you all the time. With Office 365 you can access your files anywhere (as long as you have an internet connection) either on your tablet or smartphone. 

Reliable, Robust Security 

Cloud services may seem less secure than on-premise systems but in reality, the security of your data depends on the measures that are in place to protect your information. Office 365 is an industry leader in terms of security offering several in-built features to keep your data safe including: 

Encrypted email - this means that only you and the intended recipient are able to read your mail
• Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)
– based on Microsoft’s purchase of Aorata, ATA helps protect your company from advanced attacks using a number of methods (including analytics and machine learning) to identify and alert businesses to attacks before they cause damage
• Mobile Device Management – This built-in feature helps businesses secure and manage user’s mobile devices including security policies, as well as access to detailed device reports. If a user’s phone is stolen or lost, it can be wiped remotely so that company data cannot be access by anyone without permission. 

Easy Collaboration 

If collaboration is an important feature for your business, then Office 365 is a great solution. All users can access the same version of a document at the same time. They can make changes and updates, and view real-time changes made by other users rather than having multiple versions of the same file. This works for all of the Office applications including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. 

Additionally, files can be accessed directly via a shareable link, rather than sent as file attachments. This means that several employees can access the same document to make changes (and versioning is available for instances where an earlier version of the document is needed). 

Millions of companies across the world use Microsoft Office 365 because the suite of applications offers a number of key benefits. Three of the most important include the ability to switch easily between devices, the strong in-built security features, and the ability to collaborate easily with other users.

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Office 365 apps

Microsoft Office 365 is designed to incorporate needs of every business no matter how small or big. Therefore, there are several plans provided for small, medium and large size enterprises.

Office Essentials

As one of the most popular suite of programs in the world, no firm can be complete without the Microsoft office experience, which offers enhanced productivity and numerous tools to boost your business.

•    Latest Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel etc.)
•    Smooth editing and usage across your PC, Mac, phone and browser
•    Browser-based editing with Office Web apps (Compatible with Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.)

Enhanced Email

Through the Microsoft Exchange Online, you can securely access email, contacts and shared calendars on your Phone, Browser, PC or Mac.

•    25 GB Mailbox with up to 25 MB attachments support
•    One inbox to manage all your emails and voicemails
•    Easy-to-use interface

Video Conferencing and I.M.

Host online meetings using the Microsoft Lync Online platform and send instant messages anywhere in the world.

•    Supports Presence, IM, PC-to-PC Audio and video conferencing
•    Recording and sharing Desktops
•    One-touch meeting creation with Microsoft Outlook
•    Enhanced Calendar integration with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange

Easy Document Sharing

Share documents with colleagues and clients with unmatched ease using Microsoft SharePoint.

•    Easy access of documents for external and internal teams
•    Offline Document access
•    Parallel-user editing for documents
•    Connect with colleagues and clients using My Site

The brand new Office 365 for iPad

Microsoft takes great pride in innovating a seamless experience across a multitude of devices. Our latest output further enhances the OneNote and Lync apps for the iPad and allows you to work with renowned products such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The apps can be downloaded for free and allows you to view the documents. An additional Office 365 subscription which includes the client license unlocks all the editing tools, taking work portability to the next level.
Your Office365 subscription allows for unparalleled access on your iPad, which syncs with your OneDrive for Business account and email attachments, so that you have everything you need in one place. And with made-for-iPad Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications, you can boost your edit and format on the go!

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Office 365 also gives you access to a growing range of other app

Office 365 through provided by EC Computers

As a Microsoft Cloud Partner, we are equipped to deliver, implement and maintain the Office 365 platform for you. Our IT specialists can also provide you with additional training on how to use Office 365, enabling you to get the most out of its powerful tools for your business.

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