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Why Choose EC Computers for Computer & Laptop Maintenance & Repair in Bristol?

You will benefit from Fast and easy Computer repair!

Is your computer or Laptop playing up? Do you have a loading or start problem and maybe showing a blue screen? Do you want your computer to be repaired quickly? 

At EC Computers, we will make sure that your computer is repaired quickly and professionally. We check which faults are present on your device under our inspection charge and then our technical team will quote and fix them quickly and reliably. 

And if you have a peripheral (computer’s external device) problem, i.e printer, mouse or keyboard, not working so well lately, we can fix these as well.  Does your computer take a long time to start up? Then there may be various hardware faults that the EC team can quickly detect in our service workshop via a fault diagnosis. We can then fix these problems for you. We provide repair services that also include installing the appropriate drivers for your new hardware. If you need help with Computer repairs, feel free to contact our team on 0117 200 1000

Computer maintenance in bristol

If you need a quicker onsite repair, we can help you here too. While all of our experts carry a wide range of parts and tools with them to all jobs at locations from Bristol, Bath all the way across the Cotswold’s, there are times when the work has to be carried out at our headquarters. However, that shouldn’t be a worry as since 1988 (The same year when IBM introduced the PC), with extreme confidence, EC Computers offers a solution like no other in the market. Contact us today to enquire about our computer maintenance in Bristol, Gloucester and the surrounding areas

Every day, we send out our expert engineers to perform computer maintenance repairs in homes and business across the Bristol and Gloucestershire area. As every valuable customer expects, each expert has a comprehensive kit with them in order to fix all kinds of PC and laptop issues.

However, when it comes to computer problems, as much as we’d love to, no company has a van big enough to carry every single part or piece of equipment for all old and new models. Due to this and also due to the fact that sometimes we need to order parts, carrying out Computer maintenance at our workshop is always a sensible idea as it allows us to have every tool at our disposal.

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PC Computer and Laptop Repair, Connect Remotely from our office.


Our team of experts are on standby to deal with your computer and laptop repair in Bristol and the surrounding areas. Today’s Laptop and Desktop computers provide better diagnostics, that might be able to fix all obvious problems. However, when it comes to bigger concerns such as slow browsing, email delivery failure and others of such ilk, having an engineer with in-depth knowledge is often the only solution to ensure your laptop is repaired and restored back to the condition it was in when first purchased. EC Computers are happy to advise you over the phone about what we can do for you, connect remotely with your equipment or visit on site to solve the problem.

Invest in your computer and Laptop

A certain degree of knowledge might help you perform desktop and laptop repair but that would be the case for simple problems. So it is now important to know when it is time for you to let the experts in. By doing so, you will not only be saving your valuable time but you will also be making a reliable investment on your computer and business as the experts accurately diagnose the problems and if a similar problem shows up again, the same expert will know what to do abruptly as EC Computers always keeps a diary of all computer related issues. Contact us today to find out exactly what is wrong. Our computer and laptop repair in Bristol can only save you time and money.

30 Years of Laptop repair in Bristol

Our Desktop and Laptop repair service is diverse in every sense and our team of experts has a great knowledge to look after new and old PCs and Macs. So whether it’s a concern with the speed of your computer or an issue with a virus that has invaded your system out of nowhere, our engineers will always suggest to you the most applicable solution and offer you a range of choices according to your budgets.

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