IT Managed Services are integral to the success of any business

IT Managed Services are integral to the success of any business

IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services are integral to the success of any business; consistent access and innovative features enhance business operations and allow you to efficiently and effectively manage day-to-day tasks.

EC Computers is the leading service provider in Bristol UK, with an emphasis on quality and reliability on a superior IT Managed services solution. With a particular focus on tailor-made solutions, we can accommodate all your requirements without ever exceeding your budget.

With our flexible IT managed services, you will have a smarter way to manage your IT, reducing your costs and providing the reliability and performance you need. Here are some of the benefits:

EC Computers are able to provide you with excellent Managed IT services Bristol and the surrounding areas. We understand that it is only by providing friendly and competent support and fast resolution to problems, that we can expect our clients to place repeat business with our company. We believe in having a long term partnership with all our clients and since we have been around for over 30 years, our commitment to keeping your computer systems working is assured. Many of our clients actually treat us as their own in house IT support department. We provide on-site, remote, telephone and workshop IT support services.

EC Computers can offer its Bristol IT Services at a fixed annual cost which can be broken down into manageable monthly payments. Where we have not supplied your IT infrastructure it will be necessary to conduct an audit of your equipment to give pricing on this – Hassle free Managed Contracts.

We understand that different companies have different needs and our support package can be tailored to fit your exact requirements.

With our range of software tools and monitoring options we are alerted to potential problems and can often resolve them before they can impact on your business. Our secure remote access solution means we can resolve most issues within a few minutes. Should the issue require an on-site visit this will be carried out well within whatever response time we have agreed with you.

We believe pro-active maintenance reduces the overall effort to support an IT system! Our ‘Pro-Active’ IT Technicians will fine-tune your systems fixing potential problems that haven’t even happened. We will monitor your IT and computer systems 24*7, 365, ensuring that it does what it’s supposed to do fixing any issues so fast you’ll hardly know there was a problem.

Remote Monitoring and Management

A reliable ICT environment is at the very core of any profitable business. And we at EC Computers realize that and thus offer remote monitoring and management services to accurately diagnose system errors and problems.

With our years of experience in the field and a constant desire for innovation, we are able to offer solutions and fix issues faster, more efficiently than ever before. And by utilizing a single lens to monitor your entire system, we ensure constant monitoring 24/7/365 and allow you to focus on business operations rather than worry about the system!

Performance Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance

Constant monitoring just doesn’t cut it anymore. In order to fully secure your system and prevent disruption of your daily business operations, EC Computers a complete turnkey solution that not only monitors the health of your ICT system but also puts in pre-emptive measures whenever necessary.

Through years of experience, we are able to recognize patterns and conduct relevant analysis, which safeguards your ICT interests and lowers operational risks. Moreover, we send out regular reports in detail to keep you apprised and relevant suggestions on how to improve performance.

Access to a Team of Experts

Expertise and experience is paramount for IT success. And at EC Computers, you get both in large doses!

We hire some of the best IT experts in the country and deliver results with an extensive knowledge of the task beforehand. ICT solutions can be extremely difficult to diagnose and fix, but with EC Computers you are in safe hands!

However, despite our state-of-the-art services, we accommodate all sorts of budgets and are committed to providing high value for money to our clients.

Optional Services

Customization is paramount in the ICT field. No client is alike and therefore we offer the following services with customizable options to fit your exact needs.

For EC Computers, dedication and commitment to the client is above everything else. And we take this to a new paradigm with a dedicated Account Manager that coordinates between you and our technical team for enhanced cooperation and ease of mind!

ICT Solutions demand complete attention and our team is focused to deliver value-added services and aid you should anything go wary.

Why choose EC Computers?

With a benchmark for success and proven abilities in the field, EC Computers should be your number # 1 choice for specialized ICT Services and here’s why:

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