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Internet access is fast becoming the lifeline of any business, Does you business need to rely on reliable, fast connections to operate effectively.?

Don't make the common business owner mistake of trying to limit costs by running their entire operation through insufficient connections; impacting efficiency and, ultimately, the bottom line. You should be looking at a dedicated pure fibre connection to your premises which will increase productivity and give your business a digital head start over your competitors.

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What are dedicated Leased Lines

They are symmetrical (identical upload and download speeds) and have a guaranteed SLA for fault resolution. While many Fibre Leased Lines are uncontended, some may be contended to lower their price point. Quality of Service (QoS) can be enabled on all leased lines to deliver latency sensitive applications such as VoIP.  Our Fibre Leased Line solution provides dedicated, symmetrical and reliable bandwidth with guaranteed SLAs that ensure high-speed, always-on, uncontended connectivity to keep your business operational and competitive. The subterranean optical cables from wholesale carriers that we use can be integrated with our wireless solutions (London Only) - ensuring that you are connected everywhere, all the time.

Consider our Backup 4G Internet to cover all bases

Fibre Leased Line benefits and features: 

• Symmetrical, uncontended bandwidth up to 10Gbps 

• UK-wide and global connectivity 

• Dedicated, unlimited circuit exclusively for your business 

• Fixed IP addressing 

• Primary and secondary DNS provision 

• Diversity of network providers and technology ensures the right solutions 

• Guaranteed network availability with 99.95% uptime 

• (London Only) Fully integrated with our Wireless Leased Line to deliver a network with unrivalled diversity and no single point of failure 

• 24/7/365 proactive monitoring 

• QoS support that guarantees bandwidth for critical applications and services 

• Fully managed and configured Cisco router included with redundancy options 

• Managed firewalls and security features

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EC Computers work closely with a number of TIER 1 Internet Service Providers to enable our recommendations meet our clients needs, whether cost or performance. Our broadband services in Bristol,Gloucester and Bath is ideal for you, if you have a  business and/or residential need for fast and reliable connectivity.

Choose from Fibre Optic Broadband (FTTC up to 110Mbps* and FTTP up to 330Mbps**), fixed rate ADSL up to 2Mbps, rate adaptive ADSL up to 8Mbps* and rate adaptive ADSL2+ up to 24Mbps*. Upload and download speeds are of course dependent on the quality of the line and distance from the serving exchange (or cabinet in the case of FTTC).

Unmetered connection: Our Business Fibre service is the perfect solution if you regularly transfer large amounts of data, access hosted cloud applications or use VoIP/video conferencing services. Fast download and upload speeds combined with un-metered monthly usage are ideal to cater for multiple users across one site. If you need a single user connection however, our cost-effective Business Broadband service provides a smaller bandwidth but with the same great un-metered usage. 

The  FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and FTTP (Fibre to the Premise) Business packages are available in six different allowance options from 15GB to 360GB while our five FTTC and FTTP Family package bandwidth allowances range from 30GB to 120GB. Entanet’s ADSL and ADSL2+ Business broadband packages meet specific business requirements and are available in five monthly bandwidth allowance options from 15GB to 180GB. Our ADSL and ADSL2+ Family packages are available in six monthly bandwidth allowance options from just 1GB to 120GB, Additional bandwidth is available as top-ups from 10GB to 100GB or charged on a per 1GB basis

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Consider our Backup 4G Internet to cover all bases

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Broadband Essentials – Working from Home

Partnering with EC Computers for broadband enables you to confidently address your need for reliable connectivity. While you enjoy using our reliable, high quality ADSL and ADSL2+ services you benefit from the ability to relax that our technical are just a phone call away and in Gloucestershire UK. Our customer service is second to non and we will ensure will look after all of your Broadband specifications in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

We can provide you with independent advice and services, selected to meet your needs:

You will find that we have what you are looking for, contact us today or request a call back at the top of the page!

Our broadband portfolio clearly differentiates between the needs of business and residential users. Our Business packages meet specific business requirements such as traffic prioritisation during the working week and are available in a choice of 5 monthly allowance options ranging from 15GB to 180GB. Our Family packages are available in a choice of 6 monthly allowance options ranging from just 1GB to 120GB. Additional bandwidth can be purchased if required in the form of top-ups which range from 10GB to 100GB and do not expire*.

Alternatively, customers can choose to pay for additional usage on a per 1GB basis and set an upper limit to effectively control spending.

All packages can be ordered in a choice of three underlying connection types:

Rate adaptive ADSL

Our up to 8Mbps* rate adaptive ADSL connections are based on an underlying ADSL MAX connection for Family package customers or an ADSL MAX Premium connection for Business package customers. Business customers therefore benefit from an increased upload speed of up to 832Kbps**.

Rate adaptive ADSL2+

Our ADSL2+ packages provide greater stability and potentially faster speeds** and are provided via our broadband internet 21CN platform. ADSL2+ Business packages include Elevated Best Efforts, providing a guaranteed minimum throughput of 3Mbps over the BT network subject to line sync rate. Standard Best Efforts guarantees minimum throughput of 2Mbps. These minimum levels of service are guaranteed for 90% of the time over the busiest 3 hour period.

Fixed Rate ADSL

Alternatively customers can choose a fixed rate service available in a choice of three speeds; 512Kbps, 1Mbps or 2Mbps.

*Top-ups only expire if the customer ceases the connection or moves to an alternative provider.

**The actual speed achieved will depend on the quality of the line.

EC Computers are independent and provide service from a number of Internet Providers (including BT) so that you can receive the best service available for your budget and requirements – 

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