We can block 99 percent of unwanted mail and malware

It only takes one email to trick your employees and penetrate your network - You need email security

Running a business is stressful enough in this economy. There was a time when you only needed to worry about a few suspicious email messages in your inbox. Now, any message could be a potential phishing threat lurking in your inbox. It only takes one email to trick your employees and penetrate your network. 

EC Computers Advanced Email Security blocks 99 percent of unwanted mail and malware

We will keep your inbox clean and your network safe. Our Threat Intelligence technology relies on a International security platform and expert human analysis to identify threats and evolve our defences in real time, keeping customers like you, safe from brand-spoofing attacks, Business Email Compromise (BEC) attempts, conversation hijacking, and other potentially harmful forms of social engineering.

Email Security - Real-time protection from today's IT threats

You can protect your users and business email with an award-winning email security service that intercepts spam and viruses before they can ever reach your inbox or servers - with

Real-time email protection from today's IT threats

Impersonation Protection

Email Security defends businesses and trusted individuals from targeted email attacks such as Whaling or BECs. The technology that EC computers have adopted checks deceptive email address sources against key display names and quarantines the message or flags the message with a customisation indicator in the subject line. 

Impersonation Protection Technology 

Quarantine – categorized by Spam, Malware, Released Mail and Trash

Daily Quarantined Message Report

Provides listing of all quarantined mail with an option to hide known sources of junk from your quarantined list with the Declutter feature, Configurable by end-user. Selectable receipt interval (from none up to multiple times daily) which is then sent to each end-user’s inbox. Allows message viewing/analysis and release directly from within the report