Prevent the unknown, Achieve proactive security and enhance your existing solution with thor foresight enterprise

Thor Foresight Enterprise

Now, Endpoint Protection Is Even Stronger With
A Next-gen Modular Suite That Secures Your Endpoints Against

With Heimdal Security Thor Foresight Enterprise you will move beyond signature-based detection into true prevention:

Proactive, not reactive next-gen endpoint security

Today’s threat landscape makes threat hunting a necessity. Embedded in Thor Foresight Enterprise is Darklayer GUARD™, the unique threat communication filtering that makes it possible to map out the critical endpoints in your environment and take proactive measures to avoid cyber security incidents. 

Featuring Heimdal's proprietary VectorN Detection™, the key advancement powered by machine learning for adaptive protection against 2nd generation malware, Thor Foresight Enterprise uses behavioural analysis of your incoming and outgoing traffic to prevent and mitigate attacks that cannot be detected by reactive solutions like Antivirus.

Essential, evolving security layers powered by machine learning 

Capable of truly preventing the unknown threats, Darklayer GUARD™ works at HTTP, HTTPS and DNS levels to stop cyber attacks before they reach your endpoints and block data breaches by cutting communication to cyber-criminal controlled infrastructure. Working in tandem, Darklayer GUARD™ and VectorN Detection™ will offer code-autonomous protection against malware and detection along multiple attack vectors, providing a proactive approach to security that reactive, signature-based tools simply cannot achieve. Thanks to the proprietary TTPC feature, you can then accurately pinpoint the corresponding threat process in order to obtain actionable data for enforcing security standards.

Unparalleled Microsoft updates and 3rd-party software deployment 

85% of malware today uses that outdated 3rd-party software to compromise the company's network and endpoints. X-ploit Resilience will automatically patch security-critical 3rd-party software on all your servers and endpoints, even when your users are on the go. By ensuring third-party software is managed securely on all your servers and endpoints using X-Ploit Resilience, your organisation efficiently eliminates the gaps which can be targeted by cyber-criminals, without having to increase staff workload. Rely on Thor X-ploit Resilience, a unique module included in Thor Foresight Enterprise or available standalone, to secure your organisation against multiple attack vectors and ensure the smooth deployment of critical updates.

Infinity Management for truly custom policy creation and deployment 

An add-on to the proactive Thor Foresight Enterprise or a module that extends the capabilities of X-Ploit Resilience, Infinity Management will offer Administrators within any organisation the ability to safely and seamlessly deploy custom, in-house software and patches. Remove the dependency of platform constraints in your organisation and manage, schedule or delay the deployment of your application in a truly secure manner, featuring encryption at any layer. With Infinity Management added to Thor Foresight Enterprise, your organisation will finally benefit not just from proactive security, but also from a unique and agile 3rd party-software deployment tool that will bring down both costs and the cyber risks associated with outdated software.

​​Thor Foresight Enterprise Truly Next-Gen Prevention

✔ Unique Threat Prevention of the Most Advanced Ransomware Viruses, Spyware and APTs
✔ Traffic-based Malware Blocking (HIPS)
✔ Exploit & Dropper Blocking (HIPS)
✔ Attack Forensics & Source Identifier (IOAs, IOCs)
✔ Threat Hunting (EDR)
✔ Multi-layered, AI Powered Protection
✔ Patch Management
✔ Blocks Data Leakage
✔ Traffic-based Malware Detection (HIDS, IOAs, IOCs)
✔ Browser-based Protection
✔ Phishing Protection
✔ Lightweight Installation and Smooth Performance
✔ Very Easy to Use