Prevent the unknown, Achieve proactive security and enhance your existing solution with thor foresight enterprise

Who are Heimdal?

The Heimdal Security name comes from Heimdallr, the Norse god who keeps watching over the future of Asgard. He's the guardian of the Bifröst, the bridge that connects our world to Asgard.

As the name shows, they derive some values from Norse mythology. For example, Heimdallr has the gift of precognition, giving him the ability to foresee future events. In our day and age, we turn the legend into reality through our products, which protect users against cyber attacks before they happen.

Thor Foresight Enterprise

Now, Endpoint Protection Is Even Stronger With A Next-gen Modular Suite That Secures Your Endpoints Against

More than 900,000 endpoints around the world enjoy unique proactive protection and EDR with Thor Foresight Enterprise. 

Meet its counterpart, Thor Vigilance, the next-gen Antivirus

Heimdal Thor Foresight Enterprise detects and stops ransomware in various stages, to keep your endpoints and data safe: 

Heimdal Thor Foresight Enterprise does all the above, whilst seamlessly integrating with your existing security infrastructure, anywhere in the world.

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​​Thor Foresight Enterprise Truly Next-Gen Prevention

✔ Unique Threat Prevention of the Most Advanced Ransomware Viruses, Spyware and APTs
✔ Traffic-based Malware Blocking (HIPS)
✔ Exploit & Dropper Blocking (HIPS)
✔ Attack Forensics & Source Identifier (IOAs, IOCs)
✔ Threat Hunting (EDR)
✔ Multi-layered, AI Powered Protection
✔ Patch Management
✔ Blocks Data Leakage
✔ Traffic-based Malware Detection (HIDS, IOAs, IOCs)
✔ Browser-based Protection
✔ Phishing Protection
✔ Lightweight Installation and Smooth Performance
✔ Very Easy to Use

2-Way Traffic Scanning Engine, Ransomware protection

Over 60% of cyberattacks are delivered using Internet traffic (through browsers, apps, servers, etc.)

Unique Traffic-Pattern Engine

77% of organisations aren’t equipped to respond to critical incidents and often buy security Contact solutions / services after suffering an attack

Software Installer & Patching

are used in over 65% of all cyber-attacks

Why not be protected by the same as the growing number of Heimdal Users that include International Finance Houses, Banks, Intelligent Agencies as well as small businesses like yours

Heimdal are the winners of the "Most Educational Security Blog" award in 2016, nominated for Anti-Ransomware Solution of the Year at the 2017 Computing Security Awards and Winners of the “Anti Malware Solution of the Year” at the 2018 Computing Security Awards.

Since 2011, they have been leading the fight against cybercrime, developing new technologies and providing intelligence to protect over 6,000 companies and 900,000 users against cybercriminal attacks and data security breaches.