Calculate Human Risk – Enable your Business’ first line of defence

Calculate Human Risk – Your Business’ first line of defence

The leading cause of cyber breaches isn't nifty code or technical exploits - but human error. In our increasingly inter-connected business environments, every user is a potential weak link that can allow your business networks, devices and data to become exposed.

Did you know that according to Google Browsing reports that there are nearly 75 times as many phishing sites as there are malware sites on the internet and that according to a recent report from: Verizon - DBIR 2021

How does EC Computers help protect my users and business?

At EC Computers, we believe that end users can be transformed from your business’ weakest link to their first line of defence. With the right training, testing and support, end users can be key in fighting the most damaging cyber threats like phishing and ransomware. Reduce human cyber risk with one comprehensive solution - simplified through automation - provided through our ecSECURE platform. 

Through intelligent automation, ecSECURE combines continuous training with regular phishing simulations, simplified policy management and behavioural risk scores - enabling you to assess and mitigate your organisation's human cyber risk with leading technology and a user-first approach.

How ecSECURE helps

EC Computers simple solution is a Human Risk Management (HRM) called ecSECURE, a security awareness platform that consists of a number of products.

How ecSECURE helps

  1. Staff are regularly educated and tested on evolving phishing threats 
  2. Your staff are continuously trained on a range of core infosec topics
  3. Provided by EC through a low-cost training on a flexible monthly subscription
  4. EC will generate a free risk report that demonstrates the requirement
  5. Your business will be able to satisfy compliance with monthly staff training courses

Here's a quick overview of ecSECURE

ecLEARN is a security awareness training solution that features a core three-year training programme, as well as a growing library of additional infosec and compliance modules.

ecPHISH is a phishing simulator that offers a library of realistic email and landing page templates, as well as letting you build your own.

ecBREACH is a dark web scanner that automatically searched the dark web for compromises of your users' details.

ecPOLICY is a policy management tool that simplifies the managing and signing of your policies, in addition to offering a library of infosec policy templates.

The standard of human risk management in your business has changed - Cyber-attack techniques are evolving and becoming more prevalent and difficult to spot each year. The requirement for just quick annual security awareness sessions no longer exists. Now, a more robust approach is needed to keep your businesses safe, and that involves continual monthly training. This is NOT a Quick Fix as it is essential that User Awareness and Training is an ongoing solution.

Microsoft’s New Future of Work report

Threat Report by ESET


ecLEARN enables your organisation to easily deploy continuous security awareness training in the most time-efficient and cost-effective way.

Packed with engaging training content, ecLEARN crafts user-tailored programmes and eliminates repetitive admin tasks through automation - reducing insider threats, data breaches and ransomware, while meeting the demands of compliance standards such as GDPR and PCI.


Simplify policy management and ensure user acknowledgement
Manually updating users on policy updates and chasing signatures is a time consuming, outdated and ineffective approach.
ecPOLICY simplifies policy communications and user acknowledgement by automating the process - sending policy changes directly to your users' inbox and tracking who has opened and signed their document

Understand your organisation's human cyber risk

Determining the human risk-level of your organisation and assessing how your users are progressing can be difficult to measure. Risk Score quantifies your employee threat-level by collating various behavioural metrics from the platform, and collating them into an overall grade. (Low-High for end-users, 0-900 for entire organisation


Assess user vulnerability to sophisticated phishing attacks. Choose from realistic pre-made templates, View real-time compromised rates

ecPHISH automates regular phishing assessments alongside your users'
training programme, determining user risk towards common attacks while
ensuring training effectiveness.
Your automated feature, AutoPhish, periodically deploys a range of common phishing
attacks, tracking real-time compromised rates and highlighting key trends.
(Note - simulations can be automated or deployed manually)


Identify and safeguard exposed employee email accounts. Quickly locate exposed user email accounts, Learn what data is publicly disclosed, Obtain full exposure report in minutes.

Automate regular exposure checks, ecBREACH will rapidly identify which email accounts are at risk - bringing your results back in minutes.

ecBREACH conducts a deep web investigation into hacking forums, paste sites and data dumps.

View your organisation's overall breaches and assess individual account exposures.

Identify the exposed data of each user - including usernames, passwords, phone numbers and more.

ecBREACH will automatically run regular exposure checks and update your dashboard for quick viewing.

With millions of email login credentials exposed online due to third-party data breaches, users with vulnerable accounts could be targeted by social engineering and business email compromise (BEC) attacks.

ecBREACH quickly identifies which employee accounts are exposed in data dumps, paste sites and hacking forums, as well as which service leaked the user's details and what sensitive data is available.

Isn't it time you empowered your team to protect your organisation?

Here at EC Computers we are very keen to help all our customers be as productive and secure as they can be, and this means working with reliable and best practice services and technology. If you would like to know how easy it is to setup ecSECURE, simply give us a call on 0117 200 1000 and one our helpful engineers will discuss how we will assess your company and advise how we can generate your initial Risk Assessment.