Benefit from the new Cityfibre full fibre infrastructure and next generation products in Plymouth

Plymouth is Live! Why not benefit from Ethernet services from 100Mbps through to 1Gbps, including game-changing Ethernet Flex 1Gbps solution that provides a guaranteed 200Mbps symmetric service

Our full fibre Ethernet services are now available in Plymouth

At the Government’s request our Tier One providers have continued with our infrastructure build programme throughout the lockdown, to ensure the rollout of the UK’s critical infrastructure and support its economic recovery. And we’re excited to announce the availability of full fibre gigabit capable services in Plymouth.

As a channel partner you can now supply full fibre connectivity from 100Mbps through to 1Gbps to businesses in the city of Plymouth, including our game changing Ethernet Flex 1Gbps solution that provides 200Mbps symmetrical speeds as standard with an option to boost to 1Gbps for free as and when needed without any need for notification - it’s just there ready and waiting.

Plus, our 90-day deferred billing option to support you and your customers during COVID-19, is also available where the service is ordered before the end of May.

What is full fibre?

The majority of broadband services marketed as ‘fibre’ today like FTTC are only actually part fibre. 

Fast Fibre is only delivered to your local street cabinet, and then switch to slow copper cabling to your property. So why will I benefit from full fibre then? Well, it’s as simple as that – lightning speed fibre running all the way into your business,home or Multi-Tenancy building. No bottlenecks and no buffering – Sound good....  

No matter if you are a Home, Buiness, Landlord or Construction company, contact us for availability and a competitive quotation 

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