Enjoy guaranteed speeds of 200Mbps with our Ethernet Flex 1Gbps service - Burst upto 1Gbps

Game-changing Ethernet connectivity - Improve your business

Forward thinking businesses like yours are looking for faster and smarter ways to operate, such as through cloud-based services and hosted voice (sometimes referred to as VoIP). If you’re using these technologies over near-archaic copper based services such as FTTC broadband, you are likely to be frustrated by the limitations they are putting on your business productivity and efficiency.

Ethernet Flex 1Gbps is changing the perception that anything above a standard broadband connection is prohibitively expensive. Not only is it more reliable than the traditional broadband services you may currently be using, it costs less than an average SME business spends on a gas and electricity bill or a single sales person’s company car each month. 

With our EC Ethernet Flex 1Gbps service you have a highly cost effective full fibre connection that balances exceptionally high speed with price while retaining critical reliability. It guarantees a speed of 200Mbps for both uploading and downloading data and provides an everpresent capability to burst to up to 1Gbps, which is over 12 times faster than FTTC. 

When ‘fibre’ isn’t fibre

Businesses’ connections are often described as ‘fibre’ even though fibre is used in only part of the network. Standard FTTC broadband uses fibre from the exchange to individual street cabinets but continues to rely on an ageing and slow copper connections from the cabinet to customers’ premises. Full fibre overcomes these limitations to deliver a considerably improved customer experience.

Key Features you will have with EC Ethernet Flex 1Gbps

• Guaranteed 200Mbps both up and down

• 1Gbps burst at no extra cost

• On-demand bandwidth with no need for portal requests

• Eligible for up to £2,500 support from the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme  (Limited number now available)

• Delivery typically in 65 working days

• Comprehensive 100% SLA

• 5 business hour return to service guarantee

• 24/7 UK support

• Unlimited usage

So whether you’re driving your business from applications in the cloud, sharing data internally across your organisation or externally with other stakeholders and customers, or enabling IP-based communication across your voice and data platforms - you can have confidence that with our Ethernet Flex 1Gbps service you have the bandwidth you need, when you need it, and in a cost-effective package!