Cloud Services including Microsoft Office 365, Websites and Cloud Servers

The term “cloud computing” is everywhere these days. So what does it mean?

In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs on someone else's server, over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.

Microsoft Office 365 Business Software

Cloud Computing and Servers

Email Solutions and Email Security

Website Hosting and Design

Backup 4G Internet - Keeping you online

Fast Internet enabling your cloud

IT Managed Services - Managing your Cloud

Let EC help with your other Cloud Services

Online Cloud Backup

He we have two main options, our EC Cloud Backup to a central datacentre which is ideal for individuals and small servers, and our Remote Online Backup Services which is more customised for our Managed Services Clients and is stored on an EC Computers Dedicated Server, close to our premises to achieve a fast restore to disk if a need arose.

Cloud Email Security

We filter your email and remove any viruses or spam before it hits your network and should your Internet or Email Server ever go offline – Emails are accessible to view and respond to.

Broadband and Internet Service

Internet access is fast becoming the lifeline of any business. The internet is pervasive and increasing numbers of businesses rely on reliable, fast connections to operate effectively. Despite this, many try to limit costs by running their entire operation through insufficient connections; impacting efficiency and, ultimately, the bottom line. Not only do we provide great internet support and reliable connectivity, but our experience allows us to offer a diverse mix of services to meet your needs. These include multiple connections, Voice over IP (VOIP), broadband and a range of managed internet and leased line options.

Online and Web Solutions

We have a team of Software and Web Designers backed up with Project Management and Graphic designers to provide the solution you need for your business.