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You may not realise it, but your business, like most companies, already use a combination of On-Premises IT Infrastructure, combined with some elements of the Cloud - a Hybrid Cloud strategy. It is therefore important that you have an IT partner that is an expert in both to provide the best Cloud/On-Premise mix that will best meet your requirements now and be flexible for your future growth.
At EC Computers, our Cloud Services Team finds that what works for one company, with its one needs and requirements, will not necessary be a structure that will work across many others. Therefore it’s beneficial to ask the advice of a company who has the experience of multiple networks how your business should be structured.

EC Cloud & Online Internet Services

Cloud Computing is fast becoming the modern way to store data, communicate and run a business.  Our range of Cloud and Internet Services allows you, as a business owner or IT Manager, to develop a solution that suits your business – One-size-fits-all does not fit the needs of a modern business. Our cloud Computing Bristol service is available throughout Gloucester and Somerset too and is tailored to your specific requirements.

Our cloud service portfolio, thanks to our Online and Website Solutions team, is growing on a monthly basis. We spend time researching the cloud computing market to enable us to deliver the best option to meet businesses’ requirement. We also have an in-house team who can develop a bespoke cloud solution for your business. With over 30 years’ experience, our resident experts know a little about computers. Why not contact us and we can chat over a coffee and see how EC Computers can help you with your cloud computing services in Bristol, Gloucester and surrounding areas.

Microsoft Azure helps your business to move fast and save money.

One option that is becoming very popular and meets a lot of the Hybrid needs, one that may fit your business is Microsoft Azure.  This is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through a network of data centres managed by Microsoft. It’s open and flexible, integrates easily and is highly secure as it complies with the new international cloud privacy standard ISO 27018.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Services are pay-as-you-go, highly economical and scalable and generally suitable for businesses of all sizes, anywhere, including small and medium sized organisations.
It works by virtualisation a cluster of servers so that your business can acquire more computing resources, RAM, CPU and bandwidth exactly when it needs them and turn them off as easily as they were initiated. Therefore by replacing the reliance on a server’s physical power and space, you never need to worry about provisioning, setting up, kick starting, managing and paying for a new server every time usage spikes.
Working in the background and invisible to users, Azure provides the highest levels of features, security, uptime, performance and security.

Cloud Virtual Private Server (VPS) - Scalable on-demand environments that give business instant resources.

Similar to Azure A Cloud Virtual Private Server will provide the ability of “power on demand”, where your business can tap into a resource that is standing by and ready to work in a very short period of time. These servers will also allow your business to acquire more computing resources, CPU, RAM and bandwidth exactly when it needs them and turn them off as easily as they were initiated. Working in the background and invisible to users, cloud servers provide the highest levels of features, performance, uptime and security.

The difference with our Cloud Virtual Private Servers is that we run on independent hosts with Virtualisation at the core, delivering both your on-premises and hosted server solutions, based on Microsoft’s Hyper-V Virtualisation platform.

Whether you have a single server environment or 50 Virtual Servers, we don’t mind...  So if you have aeging servers in your business, or need help to change, implement and improve your IT infrastructure, EC Computers are the team for you.