Nimble is the ideal “First CRM” for SMBs and start ups

Nimble, The Simple Smart CRM That Works for You, In Office 365, G Suite, Social Sites, and Everywhere you Work!

Nimble has core CRM functionality that you would expect – such as contact management, pipeline management, account and contact tracking, custom fields, etc. On-top of that we have very innovative and best-in class features that are unique to Nimble:

●Nimble is an ideal first CRM for companies moving to the cloud or wanting to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their sales, marketing and relationship management efforts.

●It is very affordable, easy to use and administer, and most importantly it is loved by users! That is key toward gaining user adoption and achieving the benefits of CRM.

●Just by deploying Nimble you will achieve the goal of providing a better experience to your customers by empowering your team to have access to Company and Person names, contact information, roles, background, and activities across all users of Nimble. Sales pipelines enable time prioritization and organization, while contact management achieves better time management and follow up. Nimble also protects relationships from employee turnover, eliminating the need for new sales people to rebuild territories from scratch, and preventing customer attrition.

●Nimble provides modern sales and marketing tools, such as email templates, group email messages, and email tracking that transforms your marketing strategies.

●Using Nimble with Office 365 and G Suite extends the value of these productivity suites by unlocking the knowledge stored therein, and providing read/write access to full Nimble records without having to leave email, calendar, or contacts in those systems.

●Nimble provides a full view of the customer and interactions all from one record.

●This enables business developers and managers to sell smarter, manage activities more effectively, and provide better customer experiences.

●And Nimble is always coming out with new and innovative features to keep you current on the latest technology opportunities.

Walk in their Digital Footprint

Today, to prospect a new lead you start by googling them and their company, looking up their Twitter feed, checking their Facebook page, looking thru their Instagram, visiting other pages to get background and insights. If you have a traditional CRM you then create a record, enter names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, and copy and paste your research into fields or notes entry boxes. This is a slow and cumbersome process that often times keeps employees from using their CRM.

But with Nimble, to perform the same research, all you have to do is Nimble the contact. Nimble finds all of their publicly available information by leveraging our artificial intelligence and intelligent algorithms to automatically compile company and person profiles and to link to their social sites. Instantly. What’s more, Nimble continually updates its information for you, saving you lots of time and providing you with the most up to date and relevant insights.

Stop googling your customers and prospects and start Nimbleing them instead!

●Nimble has artificial intelligence to auto create smart profiles on people and companies that you are prospecting and doing business with. What’s more, Nimble leverages intelligent algorithms to refine its searches and knowledge capture. And Nimble automatically keeps this information up to date so you don’t have to. Nimble is always working FOR you. Nimble even provides these profiles whether or not the contact is in the Nimble database.

●Nimble is a modern CRM. From our cloud-delivery model, to our social integrations, and advanced and ever evolving feature set. This includes features such as Nimble Prospector that discovers email address, phone numbers, and mailing addresses with the click of a button.

●Nimble’s unique Today dashboard provides visibility into top priority tasks, appointments, opportunities, and prospect signals. This improves time management and productivity outcomes. New productivity dashboard modules are added on an ongoing basis.

●Nimble has robust features to tag records and to create data segments based on data fields and social profiles that can be used for various marketing initiatives, including sending group messages.

●Nimble has pre-built integration to the SaaS-based business applications that SMBs already use, including Office 365, G Suite, Mailchimp, Quickbooks, Wufoo, Shopify, Magento and more.

●And our unique Smart Contact browser add-in lets you take Nimble with you everywhere you are working on the internet. Activate the add-in, highlight a person or company, name, email or tracking url, and Nimble will create a smart profile/digital dossier on them.

A Unified, Centralized, Shared Repository

Nimble provide a unified, centralized, shared repository of your customer knowledge.

●Evolve from cumbersome spreadsheets, email messages, business cards, and post-it notes for running your business.

●Leverage Nimble to bring together and find knowledge from all the places it is stored now – email, calendar, contacts, social sites – and then take the next step to integrate Nimble to over 130 cloud-bases business applications via our PieSync integrated bi-directional sync engine. Connect your accounting software, marketing automation utilities, support applications, and even enterprise CRMs with easy to implement bi-direction and trigger-based sync.

●Nimble provides a gateway to the latest and greatest business tools from Microsoft, giving you access to more computing power as your business grows. Dynamics, Flow, PowerApps, and PowerBI will be embedded in Nimble to provide workflow automation, custom application development, and advanced reporting and business analytics. Nimble opens the door to a technology empowered future for your business.

Nimble: A world Class SMB CRM Brand

As a result of all Nimble are providing, analysts, reviewers and our customers have rated Nimble as the #1 CRM solution for SMBs.

G2 Crowd Rates Nimble:

#1 CRM for Small Businesses      #1 for Sales Intelligence

Market Leader Sales Email Tracking - Overall CRM Market Leader for Ease of Use, User Satisfaction, and ROI

#1 In Customer Satisfaction   5th Year In A Row

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Nimble provides:

●Getting started guides

●In-app tutorials and videos

●A gamified on-boarding checklist

●1:1 phone support

●Email support

●Knowledge base

●YouTube Channel and Playlists

●Daily open Q&A sessions

●Prebuilt integrations and connectors

●And more.

You can be confident of your success when you select Nimble as your CRM,

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