Data Backup Solutions

Data recovery and backup systems have become increasingly valuable as more and more firms go virtual with their business operations. Whilst that makes management and organisation far less hectic it also presents a new problem; backup and disaster control.

Whilst data is stored in any form, there is always a chance that it could be damaged, altered or rendered unusable by a man-made or naturally occurring phenomenon. And without the crux of crucial data, businesses endanger their very existence.

That’s where the concept of data storage, backing up and disaster management comes into play. This helps in not only maintaining back-ups on secured, remote servers, but it also helps in resuming business operations without delay should anything be compromised.

And EC Computers have chosen the world’s leading support system, Veeam, that offers a myriad of solutions, tailored to exact customer needs and with a benchmark of excellent consumer reviews.

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Data Recovery

Industry-leading solution – Veeam

With the fastest data transfer rates and unmatched de-duplication algorithms in place, Veeam Backup Solutions guarantees backup accuracy and ensures that no ounce of information goes unsecured in our array of servers.

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Reliable service

Far more important than giving a high-end solution is the support system that comes along with it. At Net Japan, they pride themselves on being available for round-the-clock support and digging deep to ensure that all client needs are met.

Premium, yet affordable

Combined with EC Computers expertise and Veeam's solutions, the turn-key data solutions we provide are tailored to client specifications, allowing you pick out the service that you see best. We cater to high-savings and greater efficiency through a wide variety of service, recovery and storage plans, which are aimed at all sorts of customers ranging from large-scale business to small set-ups.

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Lost your data

What are some effective rules to follow to avoid situations such as lost data backups?

The purpose of a corporate backup procedures is to make it easy to establish good policies. Good corporate backup policies should reflect and adapt to the real business needs of your organization. If your company operates a slow inflexible procedure, it will hinder rather your efforts rather than hit your business goals. You need to make policy changes easy.

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