Windows 11 is HERE!

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Windows 11 is HERE!

After much anticipation and excitement over the past few months Windows 11 has finally arrived. We take a look at the latest offering from Windows and tell you what you can expect from the latest generation of the World’s most popular operating system.

Windows 11 certainly has lots to offer end users, so let’s dive in.

Start Screen & Menus

The first thing you will notice is a fresh new look with a focus on muted colours and pastel shades that are both easy on the eye and offer Windows 11 a modern feel. One of the most significant changes in Windows 11 is the centralisation of the start button and applications on the toolbar.

Previous changes to the start button have seen Microsoft criticised but for us this feels like a positive change and one that again adds the overall look and feel of the new operating system.

The Menu’s themselves have a new fresh look too, very similar to how apps appear on your tablet or smartphone with them listed in a grid rather than the old list view. This is definitely easy on the eye and shouldn’t take too much adjusting too even for the most technophobe end user!

Winows11 1
Windows 11 – New Menus and Centralised Start button

New Features

Windows 11 offers an array of new features but let’s focus on the top 3 that we feel are the most significant for the end user:

  • Snap layouts – One of our favourite new features is snap layouts. This feature allows users to intuitively arrange their open windows side by side allowing users the opportunity to display up to 4 windows on one screen(s).

    It allows you to easily return to previous snap layouts and stores the layouts during docking with a docking station or external monitor.

    Winows11 2
    Snap Layouts offer flexibility with multiple open apps.

  • HDR – HDR stands for High Dynamic Range which gives the end user a brighter and more vivid experience when using the machine or watching the latest movies.

    This feature does require a monitor capable of displaying HDR but if your monitor is HDR capable you will be blown away by the sharpness HDR offers.

  • Desktops – This is a really cool feature and allows you to create ‘virtual desktops’ for you to organise and group tasks so you can separate your work, personal and gaming areas.

    These desktops are fully customisable, and you can have different wallpapers and even select which apps you show on which desktop view.

There are numerous other features including Game Mode which allows gamers to demand more CPU power from their machine to Improve the gaming experience along with an array of security features, an improved Microsoft store and parental controls.

Windows 11 for all

Windows 11 is available in both Home and Pro versions meaning anyone can enjoy everything that Windows 11 has to offer.

Is my hardware Compatible?

Last week’s blog explored how to prepare your device for Windows 11. If you haven’t checked it out yet have a read here

EC Computers are on hand to provide you with all the advice and support you need to get your machine ready for the latest Operating System.

What if I need a new machine?

EC Computers are an independent reseller of Branded and Custom Hardware meaning we have access to more procurement options than most. As you are probably aware that there’s been major issues with stock in the market, as well as delivery issues, however EC Computers have been able to help our customers where other suppliers haven’t so if you do need a new machine then EC Computers are best placed to help.

Contact us today…

The friendly team here at EC Computers are on hand to discuss any element of Windows 11 as well as assisting you in getting your device ready for the latest generation of Operating system. Don’t delay, contact us today…


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