How to SAVE money With EC Refurbished IT Equipment

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How to SAVE Money With EC Refurbished IT Equipment


When it comes to buying a laptop or PC our first thought is brand new. But what if there was an alternative that could save you some money? Well EC Computers are here to tell you there is an alternative. Refurbished IT equipment.

Now, before you screw your face up, hear us out. We will tell you why refurbished can be as good as new. Surprised to hear your IT Company tell you this, well do not be, we believe it’s important that our customers get the best offers at the best price. So, let us take a look…

Refurbished Laptops and PCs supplied by EC Computers

These offer significant savings on new devices and often the performance improvements that the new devices on the market offer are areas that users are not that worried about anyway, such as sound or graphics. Every device sold is fully tested and comes with a full warranty. Some refurbished laptop suppliers offer IT equipment that is graded from A to C. We only supply grade A devices meaning you are once again getting a fantastic, refurbished device that has passed through rigorous checks to be released ‘as new’. (We also do savings on NEW Product as well, see current offers here)

Making every pound count

Looking after your purchasing budget is vital, especially with budget cuts and departmental spending freezes. By taking the decision to buy high quality refurbished machines you are on the right path to meeting your budget while ensuring you have a machine that can deliver when you need it most.


Image: Every machine undergoes rigorous checks

What checks are performed?

  • Machines are checked for damage or wear
  • Screens are checked for marks or spots
  • Hardware is fully tested and replaced if it fails
  • Windows updates applied and latest BIOS and Firmware checked
  • Cleaned inside & out
  • All damaged or worn parts are replaced or restored to new
  • All ports tested
  • Supplied with original chargers
  • New SSD supplied and fitted
  • New copy of Windows 10
  • Covered by a warranty

Is this better for the environment?

Everyone should be mindful of their carbon footprint these days and EC Computers is no different. Reusing hardware and avoiding the production of new units means a huge saving on carbon which in turn helps the environment.

So whats the catch?

There really is not one. Our refurbished laptops offer comparable performance to new units and with minimal visual difference. The main difference being a significantly reduced price. We know you may be reading this with a degree of scepticism, but we do believe a refurbished device can be just as good if not better than a new one; we still supply new ones.

What’s more is that all the machines come with the latest SSD’s installed meaning there are only positives to having a refurbished machine!

What manufacturers do you have as I don’t want a cheap brand?

We deal with PCs and Laptops from some of the world’s biggest companies including HP, Dell, Lenovo and Microsoft meaning you can buy with confidence.


Image: Inside a refurbished PC

Can I extend the warranty?

Yes – extended warranty options of 2 and 3 years are available at time of purchase, if required.

What if I want a bigger SSD?

When you order your refurbished device there are lots of options for you to select from including but not limited to extended warranties, increase in memory and larger SSD’s!

How can I get a quote for a new device?

Contact EC Computers on 0117 200 1000 today for a free no-obligation quote and see the extent of your savings!

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