COVID-19 - How we can help with home working

Jon Smith

COVID-19 has introduced many issues for businesses and there is currently a need to allow businesses to function whilst having staff remain at home following social distancing measures.

As you know our support and remote services are designed to help you during these times, and many customers who are now forced to work from home are requesting VPN's, VoIP Phones, Microsoft Teams and all the Laptops & Webcams etc to continue working at home, as if they were in the office, and service their clients as they need to; we intend to carry on enabling our clients as long as we all remain safe. We are proud to have indirectly enabled 2000+ users nationwide to work remotely through our infrastructure supply channels and over 300 to date on a direct basis with our provisions and services.

IT Hardware

Due to current demand most of the equipment required for home working like Laptops, VoIP handsets, Webcams etc are now on very long lead-times; we understand that any stock in the normal supply channels will be prioritised for the NHS and Police Force. However, through our independence EC have a broad supply chain and have found stock about at reasonable costs, in particular our Refurbished Stock so if you need anything please ask. We are unable to carry out onsite installations to non-Key Worker organisations due to COVID-19 restrictions but in most cases can still pre-configure most units and provide courier deliveries

Home Internet

Another emerging factor is the increase in home internet traffic and the loading on services which is impacting what are reasonable remote connections; all the providers are slowly addressing some of the bottlenecks.

The ECnet data sims and 4G Wifi Routers are ideal for helping clients stay connected with home-working with separate connections for work applications, especially as the family become heavy users of the home broadband.

Our eSIM products, that auto-switch between the 4 UK providers are ideal for:

  • Local Council - Home Working - Logistics - Social Care
  • NHS - GP Practices and Care Homes
  • Education / Welfare - 4G devices for online classes for disadvantaged students
  • Home Working - 4G devices for connectivity - slow broadband - a separate connection
  • BT Openreach - Social Distancing may result in faults unable to be fixed or new services provisioned

Remote Working

Our focus is to help as many businesses as possible to remain productive via remote working and increase the certaintity that more businesses will survive these difficult and uncertain times. Here are a few of the services that will help:

Office 365 – Various Monthly subscriptions available to tailor your business requirements

Perfect for

  • Access to company email
  • Sharing files with other staff
  • Supplying Microsoft Office functionality
  • Maintaining data security
  • Complying with GDPR regulations
  • Maintaining team relationships and camaraderie

If you simply need staff to have access to email and the ability to share files such as Word and Excel then there is a way to do all of this through Office 365. You can define access rights for each member of staff to ensure data protection remains in place. Staff can use home PCs and laptops by logging into a portal and this will give them access to all of the software they use in the office. We recommend that as a minimum that Home PC's are verified by our Support Team and have our cost effective antivirus to ensure the computers are safe from viruses and other forms of malware.

Microsoft Teams is included in most subscriptions, What is Teams? a persistent chat-based collaboration platform complete with document sharing, online meetings, and many more extremely useful features for business communications - Perfect for Home Working

Direct Routing for Teams - EC Computers can provide Direct Route calling plans with unlimited calls to UK landline and mobiles with options to include international calling plans

Telephones Remotely

As an addition or alternative to Teams Direct Routing you can have a Hosted Telephone System that sits in the cloud with your team able to use a single number and receive/make calls on VoIP handsets, mobile apps and PC/Laptops via softphones - This has been invaluable service for companies that have become victims of the COVID-19 Openreach engineering restrictions

Stay safe and well..

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