EC Computers team has extensive experience of provisioning SIP Trunks & line rental solutions over the BT Network to provide you with the most cost effective, reliable and efficient solution

Lines, Calls & SIP Trunks

EC Computers understand the market well and will manage the transfer of your existing installed lines seamlessly and without service interruption. Hassle-free line rental and outstanding call packages can be combined with our other Alliance offerings to provide a one bill service.


Business are rapidly moving towards SIP and IP telephony, especially since the withdrawal of ISDN has been announced. Voice and data convergence reduces cost and enables better functionality, bringing modern day flexibility to your business and utilising your IP infrastructure.  As an alternative to traditional ‘fixed’ Lines and Calls, SIP trunking is a form of telephony that is gaining real traction in the business world. A SIP trunk will connect your premises directly to the Public Telephone Network (PSTN) via IP/broadband. It is commonly sold as a replacement to ISDN and typically reduces telephony costs by up to 40%. It is fast becoming the connectivity solution of choice for managing voice and data.


As a Wholesale Line Rental provider we can easily transfer, reconfigure existing, or install new telephone lines at your premises. The advantage for you is that we remain the single point of contact for all of your telecoms requirements. You will still benefit from nationwide infrastructure, but with the added advantage of our personalised UK-based service and support.

Call Rates

If you are looking for a simple and straight forward call plan without complcated "all" inclusive benefits, we offer our customers genuinely straight forward cheaper call rates to all destinations, both domestic and international. Unlike almost everything else in life, call charge rates generally reduce in price as time goes on. If you haven’t reviewed your fixed line and call rates for a while, we can check them for you just by looking at your current bill. We can then let you know what savings we can offer.  

OnePhone hosted business telephone & OneOffice UC

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