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Looking for a good, reliable and economical telephone system? do you just want to make and receive calls, no frills or gimmicks?

From our Bristol base, we work with carefully chosen technology partners to deliver clients like you, bespoke, scale-able solutions to meet the specific need you have.

Whether you’re looking for best in class cloud-based telephony, super fast internet connectivity, a traditional phone system or a fully unified communications solution, we can advise you on the best option for you. You can be confident that with a diverse product range from simple two-user phone systems through to multi-site systems our range of on-site telecoms systems, cloud-based hosted IP telephony solutions and our complete range of mobile phone and mobile data services offer the latest in business telephone system technology.

If you are looking for competitively-priced, fully featured PBX telephone systems through to advanced Cloud based hosted VoIP (Voice over IP), we can help! 

Mitel 6930

You can have everything from simple solutions to the most cutting-edge. 

Do you want to embrace the new with IP telephony but keep your old phone system? We can supply hybrid VoIP telephone services and keep things as simple or as sophisticated as you need them to be.

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From small companies to larger multi-sited organisations, businesses choose EC as their trusted technology partner in a fast-changing world. They like our flexible contracts, accessible account managers and intelligent solutions.

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Look at the savings with our SIP Trunks, Phone lines and calls

OnePhone hosted business telephone

4G mobile Sim Contract free data

is now an accepted alternative to fixed broadband, Ethernet, satellite and wireless...... including backup 4G internet for your existing connection

3CX Cloud Hosted Telephone Systems an alternative to extension based options - see here for details

Lines, Calls & SIP Trunks


As a Wholesale Line Rental provider we can easily transfer, reconfigure existing, or install new telephone lines at your premises. The advantage for you is that we remain the single point of contact for all of your telecoms requirements. You will still benefit from nationwide infrastructure, but with the added advantage of our personalised UK-based service and support.

Call Rates

If you are looking for a simple and straight forward call plan without complcated "all" inclusive benefits, we offer our customers genuinely straight forward cheaper call rates to all destinations, both domestic and international. Unlike almost everything else in life, call charge rates generally reduce in price as time goes on. If you haven’t reviewed your fixed line and call rates for a while, we can check them for you just by looking at your current bill. We can then let you know what savings we can offer.  


As an alternative to traditional ‘fixed’ Lines and Calls, SIP trunking is a form of telephony that is gaining real traction in the business world. A SIP trunk will connect your premises directly to the Public Telephone Network (PSTN) via IP/broadband. It is commonly sold as a replacement to ISDN and typically reduces telephony costs by up to 40%. It is fast becoming the connectivity solution of choice for managing voice and data.

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OnePhone hosted business telephone & OneOffice UC

Data Connectivity

When it comes to data, you as a customers want quality in the form of high bandwidth and fast connections... look no further...  As an independent re-seller of data connectivity we ensure that you get what you want? 

We’re here to help you design, cost and implement connectivity solutions that meet your needs - regardless of whether you're a business or a consumer - from straight-forward Internet access to complex multi-site resilient networking solutions with built in data security... we have an option for you...

  2. GPON
  6. EFM

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One of out Tier One Partners is Entanet & Cityfibre Metro

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4G mobile data is now an accepted alternative to fixed broadband, Ethernet, satellite and wireless - including backup for your existing internet

3CX Cloud Hosted Telephone Systems an alternative to extension based options - see here for details