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Fast and reliable, EC Computers has offered a Server and Network Support Bristol based service ever since the Internet was in its infancy! All our engineers understand the importance of a fast online service, so when we send out an engineer to see you, they’re backed up by a database; rich in problem-solving, and capable of diagnosing complex problems far quicker than most other companies are able to achieve.

On the surface, a modern Server or Network makes light-speed communication quick and easy. It should be simple to use as all the technical concerns are cleverly taken care of by an expanse of hardware and software designed to work well with everyone, from the novice to the expert. That is, until the Network goes down, or it becomes clear that there is a technical issue with the Server that is making emailing and internet usage impossible. Not only is this a problem for you and your workers – more importantly, it’s a huge concern for your customers. From E-commerce sites to marketing agencies and beyond, we all need a good, reliable Server and Network, and when problems arise it’s essential to be able to rely on a company who can provide that much-needed support in a timely manner.

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EC Computers’ team of engineers – all of them educated by years of work in this highly specialised profession – understand the nuances between old and new systems. When a call comes through, our system simplifies the problem, assigning the most suitable engineer to that particular job. The result is a fast service where we are just as happy to come out to see you or connect remotely, diagnosing the problem and liaising with other providers to make sure everyone’s doing their job. By approaching the problem calmly and with expert support back at the workshop for every aspect of the problem, when we send out one or two engineers you don’t just get them; instead, you’re buying into all our resources, a combination of which has been built up over the decades and one that can be customised depending on your particular requirements.

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Small businesses in Gloucester, Bristol and the South West are relying on their IT more and more. Ensuring that the IT systems are operational as much as possible, it is important to keep up with the ever changing technologies. EC Computers is an IT support companythat works pro-actively to ensure that you are aware of these technologies and of the best ways to make use of them within your own unique business setting.

You will have a specific set of requirements that will need a solution tailored to meet them. Our Network Support Bristol and Gloucester based consultants will discuss the various options with you in easy to understand ways without the techno babble and ensure you have all the facts so you can make the most informed choice.

Microsoft is now the most popular business networking environment and ensuring you have expert help is paramount. Our Gloucester & Bristol engineers are Microsoft Certified and will provide you with expert advice on your Microsoft Networking requirements.

We also provide cabling and email services at competitive rates. If you are a new business or are moving premises then we can supply all your requirements.

Network support in Bristol

If you are worried that your network may need some attention then please contact a EC Computers representative today for a FREE network audit and health check.  Contact us to see how we  can help you or call  0117 200 1000