Free IT Audit | Don't break down! Think of it as an MOT for your IT

Free IT Audit | Don't break down! Book your free IT MOT today

Are you a Bristol, Somerset or Wiltshire based individual or SME? 

Book a free, no obligation IT Audit or computer systems review today. We will ensure that your computer systems and computer security are performing, and protecting, as they should.  

Did you know that employees in the UK's private sector are wasting a whole working day on average every month due to IT issues? At a cost to the UK economy £35 billion per year. But, more importantly, what is it costing your business? Regular IT reviews prevent breakdowns. Saving you time and money.  

You MOT your car annually. This is because ensuring that it is safe and serviced throughout the year is important. You ask professionals to look under the bonnet, check your tyres and your brakes, top up your oil and change your filters. What about your IT system? An IT audit (or computer systems review) works in the same way as an MOT. By ensuring maximum safety, security and performance. An 'annual service' reduces the risk of breaking down unexpectedly, saving you valuable time, money and stress. 

Why should you book an IT MOT?

Your computer or laptop needs regular maintenance to keep it working as it should. We can help any size business. Try our FREE IT MOT, call 01172001000 or contact our friendly local team.

Fine-tune for the year ahead. What does an IT MOT involve?

So if you are in the Bristol, Avon, Gloucestershire, Somerset or Wiltshire area contact EC Computers and arrange your IT MOT. There is no catch as you will not be obliged to use EC Computers by the end of your free IT MOT.

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Your business IT services should achieve what you need them to achieve. If your IT is not making your life easier then it's time for a review.

Workplace or home office IT systems should be based around what you need them to do, for you and your work team. A FREE IT MOT gives us a chance to look at your IT infrastructure and discuss what future plans you have. So, we can evaluate and develop resources that best suit your working needs; future proofing you and your business. This can be IT hardware, mobile devices for mobile workers in and around the place of work and off-the-shelf or bespoke software.

Need breakdown cover? Or, just peace of mind? Our expert team can provide support for your computer systems around the clock. Book now. Call EC Computers on 0117 200 1000 today.