4G mobile data is now an accepted alternative to fixed broadband, Ethernet, satellite and wireless - including backup for your existing internet

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4G for Reliable Internet and Backup Internet

Most businesses require fast, reliable internet connectivity wherever they are and challenges arise when suitable fixed line solutions are unavailable or the requirement is only temporary. 4G mobile data is now an accepted alternative to fixed broadband, Ethernet, satellite and wireless.

Why do I need a back-up 4G wireless Internet service?

Few people would argue that keeping your business online is vitally important in this day and age. The Internet is now on a par with cash, power and light; becoming one of the fundamental resources a business needs to survive. Shut it down, even for a few hours, and the wheels of commerce grind to a halt. For this reason, it is wise to consider an alternative connectivity option that can keep staff online in the event of a sustained period of ‘down time’ to your main Internet services. Furthermore, it is vitally important such an alternative option is delivered over a completely different transport medium to the fibre or copper line services that most business rely as their main access to the Internet. 

Vigor 2860 4G 3G Router

ECNET 4G includes a router, preconfigured with a range of data-only SIM packages and bolt-ons, managed via Mobile Manager. Our 4G routers are great value and provide high-speed mobile broadband internet connectivity. Static IP and Multi-Network SIMs available

ECNET Mobile Manager  will provide Real-time data usage directly from the router is fed into Mobile Manager. Alerts can be set up to monitor usage and bolt-ons added or auto-bars set, to stop overages. You can see when the router was last connected and the uptime of the router via the portal.