A 3CX PBX That Doesn’t Break the Bank

A PBX That Doesn’t Break the Bank - Cloud 3CX

Traditional PBXs or indeed black box appliances are difficult to scale. Add more extensions and you are hit by licensing costs, underpowered hardware or you run out of ports. Cloud PBXs are all the rage but they can lock you into expensive per extension and per minute pricing…Not so with 3CX!

Connect remote offices – eliminate interoffice call charges Teleworkers or travelling sales people make free office calls Save on monthly call costs using SIP trunks Leverage WebRTC & reduce 800 number phone bills No per extension licensing, one low price per PBX Self host or run on own hardware Easily self manage, no additional training is required Eliminate expensive Web Conferencing Services All 3CX users licensed free of charge Save on call conferencing costs No monthly subscription fees

Imagine having your own dedicated phone system in the cloud that could also save your company money every month?

Cloud 3cx handsets

An Award Winning 3CX Solution

The partnership between EC Computers and 3CX allows businesses of any size to future-proof their business with the latest VOIP technologies. Cloud 3CX will allow you to not only save money but also remove yourself from outdated and expensive on site PBXs.

Our 3CX solutions are extremely flexible in terms of price and your business requirements. Whatever your business requirements are – large or small – our specialist 3CX team are on hand to deliver a 3CX solution that suits your business.

Take Control of your PBX

See how you can Gear Up Your Communications with 3CX Software IP PBX

The days of having a fixed desk phone are gone, with Cloud 3CX you can literally take your business phone anywhere in the world. So, whether you’re working remotely on your laptop, or are away from your desk and don’t want to miss that important sales call, Cloud 3CX will make sure you never miss a business call again.

Imagine halving your yearly phone costs and increasing leads and sales?

Wouldn’t that be nice? With Cloud 3CX, companies like you can reduce their telephone costs by up to 80%, by leveraging SIP trunks, WebRTC, free calling to remote extensions and offices and reducing the number of fixed telephony lines.

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