10 Reasons why clients choose EC Computers for their IT Support & Business IT

Why should you choose EC Computers for your IT?. 10 Reasons for starters...


TECHNICAL  -  Over 30 years of learning IT Support techniques and developing our technical knowledge

TRUSTED  -  We know our technologies, partners, trends and respect our clients

SERVICE  -  The same helpful experts each time to ensure the best quality of IT Support and Best reliability of service

FOCUSED  -  We are not too big but also not niche, so we are able to offer a wide range of specialisms

INDEPENDENT  -   We are free to find and provide best of breed IT Support services and  free to change

TAILORED  -  Rarely does one size fit all, so approach is to find answers and IT Solutions that match you and your business

FLEXIBILITY  -  We have the freedom to act quickly and adapt to the markets and your changing requirements

COLLABORATIVE  -  You are always kept in the loop and our experienced team acts as an extension of your business

INFLUENTIAL  -  Long lasting relationships with over 20 key vendors

RESPONSIVE  -  Key to your support is our ability to quickly respond to your requirements

What next...

We know each client, like you, has different needs, however, we believe in the “less is more” principles. To ensure that your IT and Infrastructure performs to its best and is reliable, our first approach is to simplify, this includes both your business IT infrastructure and operations. What you gain is a system with reduced complexity and risk. Our first task is to carry out a full audit of your IT, Communications and associated business systems and devices, then consolidate all services into our ONE Point Solutions monthly managed services. You can be assured that as an independent we remain flexible and can make sure that your services are always supported by best of breed solutions and can be cloud, on-premise or a hybrid of both.

What’s in it for me? We look after the technology, you are then free to look after your customers….

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