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Mobile Phone and Tablets

EC Telecom – Mobile Phones and Tablets

EC Computers offer a different approach to many other telecom providers as we are at the forefront of the convergence revolution bringing together voice, data, and mobile devices. EC Computers have been an IT and Data company since 1988 so we know how this side works. Our services are set to transform the way we all communicate in both our business and personal lives.

 Mobiles and Tablet

Not sure what your looking for? Well, EC Computers can supply virtually every make & model of mobile handset and tablet device available whether for office or hazardous environments; we can help you choose the device that is right for your and your business. Complimented with a vast choice of vehicle hands-free kits, accessories and applications, you and your organisation will have the choice of all the latest mobile device technology, from a basic mobile phone to the increasingly popular notebooks and apple I-Pads to the most ruggadised Motorola PDAs and tablets. From Gloucestershire through to Bristol, Bath and South Wales and Somerset

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EC Computers Mobile and Tablets all come with a very friendly help desk support team to assist you in setting up your new devices, transferring address-books and adding new applications. EC Telecom Solutions are highly competitive, for existing or new customers, who combine their mobile solution with their company landline calls; significant additional savings can be made can be made for both.

For more information about our products and prices, contact us or call our  Telecom team on 0845 070 8010