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PSN Compliance of PAT2 and CHE1 – How Heimdal can help you comply

Please see below information on how Heimdal Security can offer assistance to organisations with PSN compliance.


Under the current regulation, public instances must be able to show how they meet PSN compliance (Public Service Network).




Here is how Heimdal Security will help you with PSN compliance regulations with software patching for PAT2 and CHE1:

  • By patching vulnerabilities automatically (on average, at fast as 4h after a patch has been released, Heimdal will install the update)
  • By detailing any unpatched 3rd party software in your environment;
  • By providing quick setup and deployment in a matter of minutes after a POC in your organization.

Compliance with PAT.2:

Patches will be applied with minimal delay and audited to ensure compliance with the organisation’s policy.

Compliance with CHE.1:

Organisations will implement an annual programme of IT Health Checks to validate equipment not provided as part of a PSN service that interacts with PSN services. It is extremely important to ensure that the operating systems, software and hardware are configured securely when they are installed and that they are patched regularly; EC Computers can help you with your IT MOT to ensure you tick all the boxes plus help prevent your systems breaking down

If you would like to book a Health Check, to get in touch on 01172001000 or complete our short contact form

The purpose of PSN compliance

The PSN (Public Service Network) uses a ‘walled garden’ approach, which enables access to Internet content and shared services to be controlled. This is because the security of any one user connected to the PSN affects both the security of all other users and the network itself. The PSN compliance process exists to provide the PSN community with:

  • confidence the services they use over the network will work without problems
  • assurance that their data is protected in accordance with suppliers’ commitments
  • the promise that if things do go wrong they can be quickly put right.

Holding a valid PSN compliance certificate gives you permission to interact with the PSN in a specific, pre-agreed way.

PSN compliance and security

PSN compliance is a way to report your security arrangements. It is how you demonstrate to that your organisation’s security arrangements, policies and controls are sufficiently rigorous for PSN to allow you to interact with them and those connected to it.

PSN compliance is not a way to deliver security across your business. Directing your resources towards simply meeting their requirements is no substitute for engaging in ongoing risk assessment, management and mitigation across your business.

If you have any further questions at all, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01172001000

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