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Printer Scanner Copier – Office Systems – Konica Minolta – Document Management

Office Systems through Konica Minolta – Printer Scanner Copier Document Management

konica-minolta-finding-the-right-productBeing close to the working environment of business nowadays, and working across many business sectors, we understand that for you the business owner there is a requirement for a number of key products and services that are needed to maintain your operational functionality; your internal efficiency leads to seamless client relationships. Working closely with business leaders with IT, Telecommunications, Mobile Communications and the like we know that Office Systems; Printer Scanner Copier, Digital Print & Document Management are a natural extension to what we can provide for you who are literally in a busy working environment.

konica minolta printer scanner (s) help me concentrate on my business








As Konica Minolta say, We create “Working environments in step with today’s world!

So this is a natural extension of our Business Offering as we can be that One Point of Contact for total office systems and solutions.

With Konica Minolta, we can provide you with a whole range of products and services. If you would like to take a more detailed look at the vast product range then PLEASE click on the following link Konica Minolta… These are just THREE of the 57 printer scanner copiers office systems that you can get access to in the Office Line-up:



Copiers are not just copiers!

konica printer scanner efficeint workflows

The range of printer systems, products and services have been created around some business leader comments

So as Konica Minolta say, it is about “Finding the product that really FITS!

And copiers are not just copiers, it is about finding a business solution that not only creates a physical product; A4, A3 or SRA3 in B&W or colour, but it needs to manage that process. This management process we know leads to greater productivity, efficiency, and is great for you as it can provide a REDUCTION in production cost and impact on the environment (*)

  • “Organisations that manage their print, copiers and facsimile can save between 10% to 30% of their print costs.” Garnet 2011
  • “In at least 56% of companies, there are NO clear responsibilities for exchange toners/ ink” Dokulife 2012
  • “Managed print services streamlines business process document workflow and improves the way information is communicated and shared.” IDC 2011

For EC Computers and Konica, the Office System range and solutions is more than a physical product, it is about document management, it is providing you with detailed device usage and production costs at a glance, with automated toner ordering, scanning and faxing.

Working through EC Computers, means you have access to the complete Konica Minolta’s aftercare package.

So for more information please contact us on 0117 200 1000 or CLICK to email your enquiry

km-3d-black-text-logo(*) Konica Minolta can be part of your Business Environmental Policy