How will a Managed Service Provider help my business?

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How will EC Computers, as a Managed Services Provider help my business?

Your business will keep running with the EC Computers cost effective and fully secure Managed Services.... That means you... focus on your business.

What’s in it for me?

We know each client, like you, have different needs, however, we believe in the “less is more” principles. To ensure that your IT and Infrastructure performs to its best and is reliable, our first approach is to simplify, this includes both your business IT infrastructure and operations. What you gain is a system with reduced complexity and risk. Our first task is to carry out a full audit of your IT, Communications and associated business systems and devices, then consolidate all services into our ONE Point Solutions monthly managed services. You can be assured that as an independent we remain flexible and can make sure that your services are always supported by best of breed solutions and can be cloud, on-premise or a hybrid of both.

What’s in it for me? We look after the technology, you are then free to look after your customers….

Call us now on 0117 200 1000 or contact us here for more information on how you can be free... of IT...

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How do we do it? - Through our Managed Services portfolio that includes..

Are you ready to improve your IT operation?

It audit

Let EC Computers get started with a free and comprehensive IT security health check and IT spending review. Remember, we aim to simplifying your IT, reduce complexity and manage all your IT and Communications… We are your ONE Point Solution and release you, to focus on your business and development…

Call us now on 0117 200 1000 or contact us here for more information on how you can be free... of IT...