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IT support for Healthcare

Care and Healthcare – IT Services

EC Computers has many years of experience working with customers in the Care and Healthcare sector and we understand the particular challenges you face in terms of data security, reliable Internet for the Admin Systems and residents/Families, Access to information 24/7, budgetary constraints and National compliance.

We are focused on providing Care Organisations like you, with high level IT Care and Support. With EC Computers you can expect quality service and support with care and consideration that meets your needs .You can expect to be looked after by engineers with the right skills and experience to do the job properly, and that the safety and security of your data is of paramount importance

EC Computers – IT Support for Care Homes

Throughout your contact with EC Computers you can expect clarity at all times with clear proposals and appropriate Service Levels Agreements, your Care systems and network will be monitored for quality of service and to ensure maximum up time and security

You can be assured that we will learn to understand your business and respect your staff and clients, and communicate to you in non-technical jargon, in simple plain English

Contact us so that we can provide you with a FREE 2 Hour audit to determine the Status of your systems, processes and support.


Are you using IT in activities for people with dementia?

Like all Care Services, the first step in considering IT for the elderly and in particular with dementia is to Start with: What are you trying to achieve! Our team will then go through the options on how to achieve it, we are not experts in providing Care but we are IT experts with experience in solutions for the Care.

We will talk to you about the activity and ensure that you have the equipment you need, Internet as required and advise on suitable websites and software.


Allow the Internet to support communication for the elderly in Care

With a secure internet system residents can keep in contact with family and friends with technology like Email and Internet phones (Skype and VoIP).

With EC Computers you will have both the technology and the security to ensure that residents wary of technology are put at ease. Our experience shows that If you don’t make a big deal out of it, people get used to it. We recommend that you introduced it slowly, and within a few weeks they will be emailing and using Skype on their own.

Why use email?

Emails are a very good way to keep in contact with Friends and Family and with our solution, if a user is concerned, the emails can be drafted and then easily amended. They don’t have to be sent immediately.
To help with recall, especially with a user with dementia, copies of all emails are automatically stored so that each can be re-read every time an email is sent or received, which can help with recall.
Emails are not just for the UK or Europe, they can be sent anywhere in the world as long as each recipient has an email address. Photographs are easily sent as attachments or as links to online picture galleries.
The Internet can also be used for Phone Calls
You can also call ordinary phones (including mobiles) more cheaply with VOIP than if you were using conventional phone services.

Benefits of Providing IT Support to people with Dementia

Apart from cost, the main advantage to helping people with dementia use internet phone services is that you can use a webcam, so that you can see the other person as well as hear their voice. This can be great for communication with friends or family who are geographically far away. People who use sign language can communicate at a distance on video calls, often for the first time. However, be aware that for some people with dementia video calls can be confusing or even disturbing, as they

Please note:
• If the Internet to your location is slow, the quality of the call can be poor, particularly on video calls.
• People with hearing problems may find it harder to hear web-based calls than phone calls.
• Make sure you get the privacy settings right – on Skype for example, the default setting means other Skype users know when you are online, meaning you might get unwanted calls.
For more information on EC computers IT support for care homes and how to use VOIP cost-effectively, please call our Telecom Team on:
0117 200 1000

EC Computers have been brilliant for my organisation The Home Care Provider LTD. Jon and Andy have been really helpful in arranging a new device to ensure that the on call seniors always have access to the rotas via our server at head office. This works brilliantly out of office hours. Who knew all the information we needed for our 70 service users would fit into an ipad. I now love technology! If any other providers are out there looking for IT support I would definitely recommend EC computers to help!” Hatty Hembrow  – The Home Care Provider LTD