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Office & Accounting Software

As a TOTAL IT provider, EC Computers can provide you with straight forward user-friendly Software Solutions at competitive prices! We have been supplying, installing and supporting various Office and Accounting software packages in Bristol for more than 25 years. All of our software is capable of integrating with your existing business systems to offer significant advantage over your competition.

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Sage Software – Accounting – Payroll – Act – Training

Microsoft Windows 7 – Upgrade today

Microsoft Office 2010 Suite


Office and accounting software BristolIn addition to off the shelf software packages we also have a team that develop solutions for a vast range of sectors such as banking, insurance, manufacturing & warehousing, retail, healthcare, insurance and many more.

Project management forms an essential part of our services. EC Computers provide a structured and proven approach to ensure we fully capture all requirements. We spend time getting to know your business and understanding your unique needs at each stage of the project, enabling us to provide the best solution for all of our clients.

Warehouse Management Systems
Accounting Software Solutions
Content Managed Websites (CMS)
Software Consultancy


If you have information fragmented across several different programs such as spreadsheets, account packages and contact managers, bespoke software is ideal for combining this functionality into a single application. As software engineers we specialise in developing applications using technology best suited for each specific job. We will analyse your requirements and use the most appropriate solution to meet your specifications’ this could be an Access Database or a full SQL system.

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