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Custom Built PC and Servers

You will have the knowledge and satisfaction that your EC PC is built with the best that our excellent relationships throughout the IT industry can bring, we are able to source a vast number of products and make recommendations to enable you to specify the right unit with the confidence it will have the performance you need.With an EC PC from EC COMPUTERS you will receive a competitively priced built PC and/or Server & Storage Systems, with the service and support you need to enhance your business, school of family. Our solid, reliable and flexible system options are built to order, to suit your requirements.

Custom builds are not for everyone and there are a huge range of PCs out there for you to people purchase off the shelf (or through EC), but for a lot of your, there is nothing like getting a PC that meets your exact specification. Whether you are a Gaming Enthusiasts that want a cutting-edge case for their Uber-machine, a home video producer that can’t find a pre-built machine with the spec you need or even a business that has specific requirements for your desktops, EC Computers have a great range of solutions to offer you.

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Custom PCs

Our PC, Server & Storage Systems are assembled and configured to order, in an anti-static environment, from our production facility. Several specifications are available, to suit your requirements and the needs of your customer. This, combined with the fact that EC will always try to supply your systems to the timescales you provide us, means you can consistently exceed your clients’ expectations. Our wealth of experience with recommending, assembling and supporting a wide range of built system specifications gives us an excellent position to offer reliable, high calibre component parts to our customers. The components we stock provide robust performance at a competitive price, backup up by our warranty support service that is focussed on deal with issues swiftly and efficiently. We are sure that you will be confident in recommending our products to other departments and colleagues.

EC Low Power Systems take advantage of more efficient and lower power consuming components.  Improving efficiency and reducing power consumption helps to extend product life, minimise the carbon footprint of your systems and save real money on electricity costs.

  • up to 40% less power is consumed by some components
  • lower heat emissions means less reliance on expensive air conditioning systems
  • fewer moving parts help to improve system stability and lifecycles
  • ultra-small footprint systems use less packaging
  • maximise desk and office space with smaller system form factors
  • systems with fewer moving parts generate less noise

Call us for a quotation on 0845 070 8010 or complete our quick contact form


Why should you buy from EC Computers?

There are several good reasons to buy from EC Computers. Below we have listed very few of those

  • We’ve probably got the lowest prices around for quality to save you shopping around.
  • You will receive high quality brand name components in your PCs.
  • All our PCs can be customized to your exact specification.
  • You don’t need to wait for weeks for your PC to arrive. Most of our PCs are shipped within 4 working days. We even offer priority services so you can get your PC sooner.
  • We’re there for you when you need us. We’re only a phone call away. What’s more, when you email us, we respond.
  • Our PCs are tested thoroughly before dispatch and come complete with full parts and labour warranty. We also offer collect and return warranties.
  • Our after-sales service is second to none. We have a proven track record.
  • We also provide free telephone and email based technical support for any hardware issues with our PCs.
  • Server & Storage Systems
  • You can have Microsoft Office and/or Sage Accounting software pre-installed

Quiet simply. You can’t go wrong with an EC PC from EC Computers!