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Holiday shutdown tips


Some practical tips for the holiday shutdown.

For those of you that have the responsibility of making sure all goes smoothly with preparations for a festive or annual close down, we have supplied a list of useful tips that we would recommend you do.

They are in no general order, because we know each company has its own systems and its own way of working and close down procedures.

We hope this helps you.

  • Make sure you arrange a Back Up of your system – 3-2-1 backup

    • Ideally make at least three copies
    • Ideally in two different formats
    • and definitely make sure that one of those copies goes off-site and is stored securely and not just your car
  • Turn off and unplug your PC/ MAC and all other electronic equipment at the wall
  • Make sure PC/MAC and Servers are not left on the floor in case of floods or burst pipes, and
  • Ideally leave central heating on low to stop condensation and burst pipes
  • Do not keep you laptop in your car or your car’s boot for long periods of time. This will prevent damage from freezing – if you must then simply wrap it up warm!
  • Before turning your PC/MAC on after it has been cold, let it slowly come up to room temperature
  • Carry a charger as cold weather reduces battery performance
  • If you are changing any passwords, make sure you do take a note of them (securely) as you may just forget when you return in January
  • Make sure all staff working have the necessary emergency contact numbers or know the protocol if there is an IT emergency
  • Remember not to open unsolicited emails, especially with attachments. Cyber attackers know no bounds, even for the festive season
  • And make sure you book a FREE IT MOT with EC Computers in January 2017.
    It can SAVE you Time and SAVE you Money!


So from all at EC Computers, we wish you a great holiday, safe and happy close down
– Any problems please call us on 0117 200 1000


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