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FSS for Business – File Synchronization and Sharing solution

Are you secure with your current File Synchronization and Sharing solution?

File Sharing Synchronisation

Secure sharing. Simplified

Users can access files from any device


Mobile sharing of files is increasingly commonplace. In fact, much to the dismay of companies like EC Computers who provide IT support, mobile workers frequently use unmanaged consumer file sharing solutions to meet their business needs. These solutions put business data at significant risk!

Are you putting your business data at risk?

Help is at hand if your organization needs complete control of those devices and how your users are using them to protect your corporate data from security risks. To ensure you maximize productivity while keeping information secure and accessible, you need a File Sync & Sharing Solution that includes features like:

  • Support for mobile devices
  • Cross-device collaboration ands editing
  • Smart Sync Capabilities
  • On and Offline access
  • Version Control
  • Secure Sharing without forced registration
  • Compliance

To meet all of the above and more, EC Computers have partnered with Autotask to provide the Autotask Workplace™ (Soonr) fully mobile secure file sharing solution. You will benefit from complete, secure file sharing and collaboration solution that enables your team members to safely access, manage, organize and share files from any device, anywhere. It enables productivity by allowing individuals or teams to work on any documents or digital content – from their device – in real time, without fear of security breaches. Autotask Workplace also gives employees built-in security controls that can be set up based on how they need to share information with team members.

Please see click the FSS Buyers Guide for more informastion and see how your can acheive Team Collaboration with Mobile Productivity, Content Privacy and Security… also see what-dropbox-cant-do-for-your-business

For a free demonstration and more information please complete our contact form or call our team on 0117 200 1000

Still not convinced? Try answering the following Security Questions:

  1. Do you have employees accessing files remotely or when they travel?
  2. Would field or sales staff benefit from an easier way to access product info?
  3. Are a significant number of reported incidents related to VPN?
  4. Does FTP cause issues? If you could give secure links to files to third parties, would that help?
  5. Is Outlook commonly used as a filing cabinet creating both storage and version control problems?
  6. Regarding version control and misplaced or deleted files; would workflows that issue revision alerts help?
  7. Do you have staff that review or present files on tablets and would annotation/comment capabilities be helpful?
  8. Do you have a concern with confidential data being shared by terminated staff?
  9. Do you run into security compliance issues?
  10. Is your infrastructure getting dated or are you looking to reduce the need for it?

And the ultimate question is, ‘If I could provide a technology that could alleviate or eliminate these problems would you be interested in that?’

Autotask Workplace™ offers a technology solution that solves these problems, it is simple, secure, and supports a hybrid network-enabled/cloud environment. Unlike other file sync and share (FSS) solutions, it also provides quick and easy provisioning and allows our team to help you with the management of all your instances and data

Where can you use your Workplace FSS?, you can use for your:

  • Mobile Sales Force
  • Secure Company work drive
  • Secure Personal cloud drive
  • Project & Document Management
  • Cross-company private sharing and content distribution
  • Intra and Inter-company collaboration
  • Mobile content analytics

Financial Sector: Your team can get real-time updates on records and collaborate with relevant stakeholders – Pass financial files securely and quickly without getting lost in spam

Legal Sector: You will be able to Print, fax or e-mail pertinent case files, update files and securely share information with relevant stakeholders, from anywhere…including court’s

Healthcare: I expect you are finding that tablets are now widely accepted for your doctors and healthcare workers to display product information or surgical techniques to patients. Soonr Workplace enables your staff to have quick startup time for presenting information to catch the doctors before they are called away. For your doctors it means they can view patients health records and securely document their comments while remaining HIPPA compliant.


For a free demonstration and more information please complete our contact form or call our team on 0117 200 1000