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CRM Solutions

CRM Software, what is CRM?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a term used to define the practices, software and internet capabilities that help your company in managing its customer relationships in an organised and efficient manner.

What CRM does?

Here at EC Computers, we offer CRM services like no other by identifying and targeting your company’s best customers, managing various marketing campaigns and generating reliable leads for your sales team. We also assist organisations in improving their sales management by streamlining information shared by multiple employees.

Through our unique CRM software development expertise, we allow your company to create unique relationships with customers which improves customer satisfaction, thus maximising profits. Moreover, such techniques also help your company identifying its most profitable customers so that those customers are given top priority status.


We concentrate on Maximizer CRM


Maximizer CRM edges all others on usability, return on investment and sheer range of functionality, especially when you consider Maximizer’s ability to be accessed across nearly any mobile device.

Empower you and your workforce to create more leads to fill your pipeline, drive more sales through to close and provide faultless customer service.

And, Maximizer covers all business types, being available in three editions:

  • Entrepreneur Edition: Easy to use and effective CRM for small companies and single users.
  • Group Edition: Full featured CRM for medium sized companies.
  • Enterprise Edition: Highly sophisticated CRM for larger organisations. 


EC Computers’ CRM software is currently working across multiple industries from many walks of life, giving flexibility and adaptability to the needs of a particular business. So whatever the scale of your work is, our CRM software solutions will give you a clear advantage over your competitors.

Aware of the fact that your company’s needs are unique in nature, our CRM software can be customised according to your needs. Customer Relationship Management is more than just a software application that will run and get you started. It is a complete business strategy that puts you in charge of how you want the show to be run. It offers you the ability to link up and understand the needs of each of your customers. Moreover, it is a mixture of people, processes and technology that will cover every type of interaction you have with a customer.

It is a rat race! Such is the market these days. Every day more companies keep coming up with innovative ideas which means that in order for your company to generate profits in the long-term, it has to evolve and seek all avenues that lead to greener pastures.

For this very reason, CRM cannot be underestimated anymore as it offers a way to treat each customer you have in a unique and organised manner, something that is very tedious if there isn’t any software involved. CRM works in a way that helps you build and also retain relationships with your customers that are long-term in nature. Moreover, it allows you to work proactively to generate sales and profitability.

So are you looking to increase your customer loyalty and satisfaction?

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