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Are you sitting comfortably?

Personnel welfare is very important to any business. Staff are your BEST asset, so it is important to keep them productive. We spend an increasing amount of time at our workstations nowadays and most likely that is in front of a computer screen; tablet, laptop and desktop. With everything you have to do and schedule daily you probably tend […]

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Why do I need a 3-2-1 Backup strategy?

3-2-1 backup strategy – Do you ever stop and consider how many businesses have hardware that gets lost, stolen or destroyed each year? it’s staggering! What is more staggering is that most business users do not take advantage of even basic security practices, such as encryption, backup and anti-theft technologies – Here at EC Computers we champion the 3-2-1 […]

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managed services

Managed services – This is what [THEY] say!

IP change with Managed Services – “Thank you for your help with this.  We’ve had a few problems with emails, but I think that everything’s sorted out now.!” David Lowe – IT and Finance Manager ABUS(UK) Ltd EC Computers offering Managed Services; Support, Security, Back up and Full Management of your systems.

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