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Why do I need a 3-2-1 Backup strategy?

3-2-1 backup strategy – Do you ever stop and consider how many businesses have hardware that gets lost, stolen or destroyed each year? it’s staggering! What is more staggering is that most business users do not take advantage of even basic security practices, such as encryption, backup and anti-theft technologies – Here at EC Computers we champion the 3-2-1 […]

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Tech Tip – Printing Photos

Do your colours on printer match those on screen when printing photos? When it comes to printing photos or documents with photos in on your inkjet printer have you ever wondered why the colours in the printed photos don’t match those on the screen? If you want to improve the appearance of photos for printing try […]

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Windows 10 Update Kills Webcams

Windows 10 Update appears to have stopped many webcams from working This has added to the Windows 10 problems with their latest upgrades and updates, and not helping ease the growing number of critics. What Windows 10 Update? Update / version 1607 also know as the Anniversary Update because it was the first anniversary of the release […]

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