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Brand Awareness, an important concept when it comes to business

Brand Awareness is perhaps the most important concept when it comes to business. Sure, you might be offering the best product in the market or the most worthwhile service, but what really matters is how your customers perceive you.

In psychological terms, what we perceive is down not only to our visual aids, but also our cognitive thought processes, our life experiences and our opinions. For example, if a customer perceives someone of a specific locality to be unreliable, they will automatically, without knowing, hold biased opinions against such people without really wanting to.

To overcome this barrier and its related consequences, businesses must focus on brand awareness and how they appear to potential customers.

Phone Numbers:

For every business, a phone number is essential. It’s how customers interact, place queries and place orders. From a neutral point of view, placing a phone number on your contact card should be the end of it. But that’s not how things work.

A lot of businesses place their mobile numbers on their advertising material and though they haven’t done anything wrong with that action, the customer’s perception of this might be different.

For someone looking to obtain a product and service, a mobile number indicates there is no landline in place. No landline indicates there is not any office space or office staff. Ultimately, from such a small gesture, clients may perceive the business to be unreliable and therefore, will highly doubt their credibility no matter how good the products or services being offered are.

Moreover, customers expect their calls to be answered immediately and in less than three rings. On your mobile phone, it’s very likely that you might be stuck in a situation where you can’t immediately pick up. A trivial incident no doubt, but one which severely affects your credibility in the eyes of a potential client.

Luckily, there are many simple solutions out there to counter this. Most telecommunications providers in the UK will offer one or more landline options that can be gotten with ease and at bare minimum cost.  They even offer facilities where you can get landline calls routed to your phone or to a professional voicemail, so that communication with the client never falls through. (See our Telecom options)

Keeping it local

For customers, nothing matters more than personal care and attention. Whether you are providing a service or product, if you go out of the way for your clientele, they will keep coming back. And when it comes to phone numbers, a behind-the-scenes psychological role is at play.

Whenever a client sees a local number, they are immediately able to relate. A local number also means the office is in the designated area and a much closer business relationship can be expected.  This may sound a little off the beaten road, but in business, perception is everything. And if you make the right impression in front of your clients, your chances of success are bolstered considerably.

Domain Names

In today’s modern world, every business has a website. It’s not really an accessory anymore but rather a necessity that must be utilised to the brim to maximize marketing efficiency. Subsequently, a website must clearly reflect the business, starting with the domain name.

The domain used must correlate with the business name, so that clients can easily identify the URL from other businesses. Entering the business name in the domain is the easiest way to go about it, for e.g. if your business is Al’s Mart, then would the most suitable choice.

Also taken into account are the types of domains being offered. For businesses, .com is the most common unless you want a country specific domain that comes in the form of  Other options for educational institutes (.edu), government departments and non-governmental organizations (.org) are also available, so it is highly advisable you go for a domain that fits your organization.

But why go through all this hassle?

Well, domains have become a household feature because it would be nearly impossible to memorise the unique IP address of eac

h website. And therefore, domains become the face of the URL, which helps locate each individual site.

Credibility is also a very important concept when it comes to the online world. People are still coming to terms with the internet reality and particularly for E-commerce sites, having your own domain inspires confidence and shows that you are at par with the digital revolution that’s taken the industry by storm.

Perhaps the most crucial feature is that you might source potential clients through your domain and website. Hundreds of thousands search for millions of products and services almost daily and having your own website with a proper domain just might lead them to you.

Logo and marketing materials

(contribution by Ev Milker, MOND)

Coming to the visual part of a brand, we need to talk about a company’s logo and marketing materials.

One of the vital steps in building a successful brand for your business is the company logo as this often forms the first impression of your company.

After spending quality time researching and choosing a business name, the logo will be the piece that carves out a memorable part of your business in the customers mind once they start associating your company with the logo. Great logo design is more than just displaying your name in an appealing font.

Powerful logo design should be strong and balanced without clutter to distract from its message.

It needs to be done professionally, as your logo will represent your values and your brand visually.

High brand awareness suggests that the company’s logo is easily recognisable and accepted by the market in a way that it is differentiated from competitors. The ultimate goal of any business is to be immediately thought of by your target market when they’re ready to purchase your services or products.

They say people form an opinion of a company within the first few seconds – whether that’s by phoning the business, looking at their website,
or reading a marketing piece.


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