Triumph revving up IT Systems with new software

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Jon Smith

Triumph revving up IT Systems with new software

Triumph have been making motorcycles for over a century but is keen to make sure its new Customer relationship management software (CRM) is keeping up with the times.

The new system will allow customers to be involved in the supply process. The Triumph motorcycles can have several customisable elements, from colour to finish and features to accessories. Customers will now be able to make changes to their orders right up to the day their bike hits the assembly line.

Not only that, it will allow customers to receive updates, precise delivery dates and, for the more eager customers, stream videos of the progress being made on their bike during assembly.

Alongside improvements for customers, Triumph are also bringing new systems in for its own processes, which should help the company provide the same experience for its employees at work as it aims to give its customers.

The new cloud-based HR system will reduce the amount of routine form-filling, and will also allow employees to highlight their strengths and weaknesses so they can be deployed more effectively.

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