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Which IT support company fits your needs

Finding the Best IT Company in Bristol for Business Support


Finding the best IT Company in Bristol to suit your needs is important. Being around for over 23 years we have come across most questions and queries and so have decided to write a short post to help you choose the right company for your needs. Below you will find some tips on the research you should do and questions you should ask to ensure you find the perfect company for your needs.



Make sure you check how long they have been around to ensure you know they are experienced. How many clients they have had and what software, platforms and networks they have specialist experience in. Make sure you ask lots of questions. The Better companies will be happy to answer all of your questions helping to forge trust between both parties.


A great way to find out about an IT support company is by looking at testimonials. The internet offers plenty of different ways to find them be it Facebook, Google+ or the website itself. If you still need reassurance give a couple of businesses they work with a call to find out first-hand what their experience has been like.


The next thing you are going to need to take into account is value for money. Don’t look at the cost entirely to make this decision but ask yourself what you are getting for the cost proposed to you. You might find a one man band will charge you a lot less money but do you think they will have the time or experience to meet your needs as a client? Also how does the company deal with your needs? Most good providers will build you a tailored solution around exactly what you need.


This will very much depend on what you need from an IT support Company. Find out how they deal with their clients currently, what is there average response time for clients, will you have one point of contact of will you be thrown from pillar to post. If you work unusual hours will the company be able to help you on a Saturday morning for example. Obviously it is your best interest to have a company that has excellent communication so you can deal with any IT issues quickly and effectively.


It can be a misconception that IT Support companies need to be local to you. You will normally find that looking into their response times will give a good indication on how good they are as a business. If they are not in the local area you can also ask where they have technicians based as you might find they have one in your local area. These days especially you will find that companies can remotely access your computers from their main office for some issues negating the need for travel. You will find though that especially in the Bristol area you can find a good IT company not too far away.


Is the Business reactive or proactive? Will they wait for a problem to occur before dealing with it or will they work with you to ensure problems don’t occur in the first place. Do you feel that you could work with them closely and build up a good working relationship? After all you don’t want to be working with a team that you don’t get on with. Customer service, communication skills and a friendly attitude are all a must when choosing an IT support company.

Hopefully the points above will help you decide on the Support Company to help you with IT. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us at any time and we help you in whichever way we can.

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