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Why do I need a 3-2-1 Backup strategy?

3-2-1 backup strategy – Do you ever stop and consider how many businesses have hardware that gets lost, stolen or destroyed each year?

it’s staggering!

What is more staggering is that most business users do not take advantage of even basic security practices, such as encryption, backup and anti-theft technologies – Here at EC Computers we champion the 3-2-1 Backup Strategy


What is a 3-2-1 Backup Strategy?

Its simpler than you may think, A 3-2-1 strategy means having at least 3 total copies of your data, 2 of which are local but on different mediums, and at least 1 copy offsite.

Why 2 onsite and 1 offsite?

Whether you are interested in backing up a Mac or a PC, an onsite backup is a simple way of having quick access to your data should anything happen to your computer. If your laptop or desktop’s hard drive crashes, and you have an up to date external hard drive available, you can quickly get the majority of your data back, or use the external on another computer while yours gets fixed or replaced. If you remember to keep that external hard drive fairly up to date, the exposure for data loss is fairly minimal, as you might only be exposed to losing the files that were on your laptop that had not yet been copied to the external hard drive. Most external hard drives even come with their own software to make sure that they are kept readily updated.

Having an onsite backup is a great start, but having an offsite backup is a key component in having a complete backup strategy. Onsite backups are great if you need to get to them quickly, but unfortunately, having a backup near the device that it’s backing up (for example, having a desktop PC and an external hard drive on the same desk), means that both of those copies are susceptible to data loss. I try not to be too “doom and gloom” but floods, fires, and theft do happen. Most often, if the two devices you have as your local copies are close together, they’ll both be affected if the unfortunate should happen. A continuously updated copy of your data that’s not in the same physical location as the other two is paramount in protecting your files.

Is 3-2-1 Perfect?

EC Computers have over 28 years experience of IT – We know that there is no such thing as a perfect backup system. However, the 3-2-1 approach is a great start for the majority of people and businesses, the reality is that it is probably nearer to perfect than what you are doing now!

Backing Up Is Like Investing!

The 3-2-1 plan is a great start in getting your files backed up. If you view your files as your investment, you want to diversify them as much as possible to limit your exposure should the unthinkable happen. Liquidity also matters, having a local backup and an offsite backup gives you more options for backup recovery.

That’s why EC Computers recommends starting with a 3-2-1 backup approach. For more information about different backup methods and which might work well for you, please call us on 0117 200 1000 or complete our quick contact form.


Is your business mandated by a government agency?

Many industries face government regulations to maintain complete backup records of all electronic business transactions. Remember, EC Backup Services can assist companies within the medical, accounting, and legal professions to comply with these regulations and avoid penalties being levied against violators. Call us for more details about how we can assist with compliances: 0117 200 1000

3-2-1 backup

Over the past ten years, backups and business continuity have grown in importance. Today, any organisation without an effective data security and backup regime is playing Russian Roulette with their business. Loss of digital finance records, emails, contracts, licences, agreements, marketing materials and login credentials can all spell absolute disaster for businesses.

We partner with NetJapan as they provide a variety of solutions for the personal user right up to multi-site/server solutions…

If you would like a FREE IT MOT and Security review – Please call on 0117 200 1000

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