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070 Number scams

Recent 070 Number scams

Our telecom team have been made aware of a number of telephone scams operating which involve the use of 070 numbers. Please be aware that Numbers starting 070 are Non-Geographic numbers (not mobile and sometimes known as Personal Numbers) and charged at higher rates.

The known scams include prospective customers (of your business) asking to be called back on 070 numbers – sometimes via email as they are interested in taking your products and services. Known target customer types include, but are not restricted to:  Garages, Vehicle Hire, Telecommunication Suppliers and Letting and Hotels, Car Dealerships and Estate Agents.

During these calls, the suspected scammer will either keep the call going for as long as possible or may ask for colleagues to be put in to ‘conference’ into the call. When the conference method is used and the victim hangs up the call, their telephone system effectively leaves the called parties connected who then leave their line open. This can result in very long calls and charges.

We understand the regulator for 070 numbers has been making attempts to close down the numbers used in recent suspected scams, but the threat remains that new numbers could start to be used.

Although 070 numbers do have legitimate usage, we encourage you to communicate this to your staff and prevent yourself or your customers from becoming a victim.

Our advice is:

1. Be aware of the cost to call different numbers. 070 numbers are Personal Numbers and NOT a mobile number. A guide for end-users calling Non-Geographic numbers can be found here.

2. If you have setup a conference call by bringing people in to the conference, ensure all parties have disconnected before hanging up yourself.

3. If you are a victim of a suspected scam, please report this to Action Fraud, here.

Should you wish to discuss this further, please contact our telecom team

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